Parth Sethi, the artist behind ‘Fleetin’ and Imperfect is launching a show in the metaverse

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Parth Sethi, 25, is an Indian choreographer who has performed solo with AR Rahman among many others. He also became the only Indian to win the World of Dance Solo Championship in 2019, and was invited to perform in Los Angeles as a headliner. Parth is renowned for contemporary fusion, hip-hop, improvisation and streets and has taught over 3000 students in the last 3 years of his journey as a teacher.

In 2021, Parth Sethi choreographed two of his own production shows, Fleetin’ and Imperfect, both went on to become the highlights of his creative career.

Fleetin’ was a movement production that revolved around Art, Love & Time and how every aspect of life is fleeting. The production was about turning the idea into movement and creating a story to portray through movement. There were nine performers The show was performed twice. Once at The Space and after at Nritya Shakti Dance Studio. The movement choreography was done by Parth Sethi, Somya Kautia & Aarya Singh. The music piece of the show was sung and written by Parth Sethi.

Imperfect, an abstract movement based show was about embracing and foster the imperfect aspect of people and things. The idea behind the show was to embellish the blemish of people. Turning the insecurities into confidence. This show was put forward by Parth Sethi and his fellow mates Abhi Solanki and Yash Tak.

Vatsala, who attended Fleetin’ was amazed and said, ‘Leaving the audience with a question in their minds to reckon, is what describes art. Fleetin’ was directed, written and sung in a manner that it made me feel uncomfortably accountable to my own thoughts.’

Aman, who attended Imperfect lauded the show saying, ‘Imperfect, with its twelve vividly imaginative dancers left its audience in awe. Imperfect touched me from the moment it got us scribbling on the poster to confirm our presence, to a completely improvised yet synchronised show being so successful.’

Roma who attended both the shows, distinguished them as, ’The aftertaste of the two shows curated by Parth were bitter-sweet for me. Fleetin’ had a cautious yet curious aftermath. Whereas, imperfect made me realise that sometimes what we are looking for, is right in front of our eyes, hidden under a pile of mess. The two pieces will always be fresh in my memory for they left such a great impact on it.’

Parth is now launching a show in the metaverse ‘MuseMent in Meta’, which will combine music, dance and art in a manner never seen before. The team behind this production is using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to bring the rhythm.

and moves of several performers from various countries to create NFT art. This show will premiere with the beginning of the new year, with the NFT drops being planned for right after the show. It will be broadcasted live on various platforms.

Here’s what Parth has to say, ‘’I’m very excited to share ‘MuseMent in Meta’ with the world. It’s something that I’ve been working on for a while, with some of the most talented people in the fields of music, movement & technology. I’m optimistic that we’re creating something that will change the way people interact with artists and their works. See you soon in the Metverse.”


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