Ayesha Haneef-Woman With Vision 40yr Old MBA In Marketing Based In Bangalore

City/ state

Business Head of Biggest Brand In Diet and Nutrition Shikha Aggarwal Sharma Fat to Slim World’s Unique Concept Of Eat Sleep No Exercise Loose Weight Economically.

Bangalore-Chandigarh-Srinagar-Ahmedabad-Mumbai & DIET LEARNING ACADEMY MUMBAI Successfully running franchisees online consulting globally.

Ayesha is a woman entrepreneur, a resilient personality, takes up the challenges and strategies to be successful in life. A go-getter & ambitious person with a penchant in Sales and marketing, extremely focused and goal oriented showing persistence, perseverance, determination and innovative ideas.

A firm believer in women empowerment and impart knowledge and bring awareness in women and to create a platform for women to become self-resilient and future entrepreneurs. We at SAS Diet Learning Academy believe and practice to make this era, an era of entrepreneurs.


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