Nischay Ralhan’s “Leela Orchid Greens” takes over the real estate sector in India

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The project under Leela Residencies Pvt Ltd has been developed with the genuine aim to turn the visions and dreams of home buyers into reality by leveraging newer technologies.

Astounding are all those success stories of brands and businesses that have been built from the ground up, absolutely from nothing to a prominent and influential position, where they have gone ahead in inspiring the next-gen in their industries. Though these developments were a result of the advent of technology, no one can deny how a few astute minds and passionate souls as entrepreneurs and professionals have taken their chosen niches to greater success levels, bringing immense glory to their industries in multiple incredible ways. Doing that and going much beyond in the real estate and construction niches in India is a one-of-a-kind company called Leela Residencies Pvt Ltd (,) under which a project named “Leela Orchid Greens” has been creating massive headlines for its swift construction, which currently is going on full-swing. Among the company’s three directors, Nischay Ralhan is now looking forward to continuing to create significant momentum for the said project in Mohali, Punjab, and work around many more new and exciting projects in the coming years.

“MIVAN Technology” is one of the highlights of the new project Leela Orchid Greens, about which Nischay Ralhan says that it is a complete RCC structure with no bricks and blocks and optimizing the same, they have been able to ready four apartments in seven days and now look forward to completing the whole tower in three months. He asserts that technologies like these are the need of the hour, and more and more construction companies should adopt newer technologies while sticking to their company’s core values to have an edge over their contemporaries in the industry. This is what the company Leela Residencies Pvt Ltd has been doing, keeping up with trends while holding on to its core values. They are offering 2,3, and 4BHK apartments with the project, which is spread over 5 acres, out of which 1.5 acres is for a plush green area with a beautiful park with a 500m jogging track.

The new construction technology is for their 3BHK towers, namely Castle 2 and Castle 3, with a total of 88 apartments, starting at ₹54.90 lacs. No other company in the industry has offered something like MIVAN Technology at such a pocket-friendly price range, making the company Leela Residencies Pvt Ltd and the project Leela Orchid Greens a project par excellence.

Leela Orchid Greens offer S+11 Storey with amenities like a swimming pool, gym, 1.5 acres park, open theatre, clubhouse, badminton court, basketball court, and high-speed lifts, to name a few.

The talented director is a young entrepreneur simultaneously he has a passion to entertain and socialise with the audience, having over 200k followers on social media application Instagram where he is very active and is also shooting commercials with top brands . We asked Nischay how do you manage your real estate and your other acting and modelling related commitments to which he replied I am a people’s man , I want everyone to love me and be happy so I shall always serve the people in the best way possible whether be it building homes for them , or shooting films or videos for them .

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