Mr. Dennis Tew, FIF world president, arrived in Delhi for the Aman Classic Bodybuilding championship.


Working hard can lead to advancement, as demonstrated by Dr. Harminder Dulowal. Mr. Dennis TEW. FIF WORLD PRESIDENT VISITS NEW DELHI at the Aman Classic Bodybuilding Championships. The championship was held in the first week of May.

New Delhi: Because today’s youth spend so much time watching television, playing mobile games, and using social media, there is an urgent need to pay attention to their health. Because many diseases will take your life if you do not keep your body healthy. Dr. Harminder Dulowal, President of the FIF in India, said these words. Mr. Dennis Tew, World President of FIF from Singapore, addressed the athletes present at the Aman Classic Bodybuilding Championship in New Delhi on the special invitation of Dr. Harminder Dulowal.

During the championship, the first World President, Mr. Dennis Tew thanked Dr. Harminder Dulowal and the organizers and stated that organizing many championships in India inspires the youth.

Mr. Dennis Tew stated that many players have achieved high positions in the bodybuilding championship by working hard, and one example is Dr. Harminder Dulowal, who has worked hard in this field to the point where he is no less than a celebrity.

As Mr. Dennis Tew arrived in Delhi from Singapore, FIF India President Dr. Harminder Dulowal thanked him on stage and arranged a meeting to discuss future championships that will be held in India.

Dr. Harminder Dulowal also gave Mr. Denis Tew a tour of a few beautiful locations in Delhi and demonstrated their beauty. On this occasion, Ajar Muhammad, Navdeep Singh, Rajdeep Singh, Arun Kumar, and Ankush Kumar were also present.