“Unlock Your Brand’s Star Power with Karocine Media’s Celebrity Endorsements!”


Karocine Media, a rapidly growing Mumbai-based advertising production company, has once again showcased its prowess in securing impactful celebrity endorsements.

In its latest triumph, the company has successfully enlisted the talented Ashlesha Thakur to promote Welme – India’s First Period Pain Relief Device, a brand under the esteemed Camex Wellness Limited.

Renowned for its ability to connect clients with influential and relevant celebrities, Karocine Media continues to be a go-to destination for brands seeking powerful endorsements. Their expertise lies in identifying the perfect match to enhance the promotion of products and services, and the collaboration with Ashlesha Thakur for the Welme campaign is a testament to their success.

The campaign, executed flawlessly by Karocine Media, has quickly gained momentum and become an online sensation. The well-crafted visuals and engaging content have captivated audiences, resulting in widespread recognition within a remarkably short period.

Ashlesha Thakur, a rising star in the entertainment industry, brings her charisma, talent, and widespread popularity to the forefront of Welme’s promotional efforts. Her on-screen presence and relatability have struck a chord with viewers, propelling the campaign to viral status across various digital platforms.

The yearlong collaboration between Karocine Media and Thakur exemplifies the power of strategic celebrity endorsements in boosting brand visibility and consumer engagement. By leveraging Thakur’s appeal and influence, Welme has successfully captured the attention of its target audience, generating significant buzz within the industry.

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