Santosh Bhapkar was made the state secretary of Maharashtra Bharatiya Kisan Manch.!


Bharatiya Kisan Manch today has made a major reshuffle in the Maharashtra Territory while expanding the area of ​​its Warriors. Maharashtra’s Pune resident Respected Santosh Bhapkar sworn in as Maharashtra State Secretary at a party function held in Mumbai.

National President Devendra Tiwari has made this appointment on the approval from party’s National General Secretary Rupesh Pandey in a program held in Mumbai. Bharatiya Kisan Manch was founded by former Prime Minister Late Lal Bahadur Shastri. This party works for the welfare of the farmers at the national level.

Santosh Bhapkar has been associated with the interest of the farmers for a long time and from time to time he has also done mass agitations in favor of the farmers. He has always attracted everyone’s attention by working according to the constitution for the benefit of the farmers.

Santosh Bhapkar is basically a big face of farmers in Pune and seeing this, the party has probably chosen him for such a big responsibility as a preparation for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Santosh Bhapkar always strives mainly for doubling the income of farmers, proper storage, proper maintenance and proper evaluation of their crops.

The party has given him such a huge responsibility because of his increasing popularity among the farmers of the area and excellent reputation.

Appointing Santosh Bhapkar as Maharashtra State Secretary, the National General Secretary of the party said that it is expected that Santosh Bhapkar will do a great job in realizing the dream of Lal Bahadur Shastri ji for the benefit of farmers.