Working for the upliftment of the underprivileged is my sole aim: Rahul Borole

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This social worker-politician has gone steps ahead in supporting the needy in times of distress.

A major stratum of the society globally suffers from grave situations that make their living a daily struggle. Although many blessed souls have gone out of their way to help this section of population, a few have done drastic work involving the betterment of those whose positions are extremely challenging that disallows them to lead a normal life. Speaking about such selected few reminds us of Rahul Borole, who is cut to help those who need that strong hand of support to pull them out from the puddle. He has a history of helping the needy in his constituency as his work got highlighted the most during the pandemic when people were in need of supplies which he promptly provided, a gesture many would remember till their last breath.

“The goodness that you spread comes back to you,” says the social worker, who also happens to be a part of Indian politics. A small gesture of kindness can impact many lives believes Rahul who worked diligently, day and night during the pandemic to make sure adequate supply of food, masks and water reached the right hands. Politicians have the authority and power to do much more than the common man and one should not shy away from doing their duties at the time of need, believes Rahul who has done exceptional groundwork when the world was facing rough weather. Coming from Aurangabad, this young man has led from the front when it comes to rescue people in despair, and this has been observed since the time he took over the mantle.

Furthermore, people have always seen Rahul Borole stand up for the right causes, especially when it comes to the development of Aurangabad city. He strongly believes that none from his city should be deprived of basic necessities like water, food and anything else that’s needed to live day-to-day life hassle-free. Social work tops his priority list as his team efficiently carries out the work of feeding the poor and providing educational facilities to underprivileged children. He says that he wants to carry on with his good work and receive as many blessings as he can, as he envisions a better India in the future for which he is working diligently, giving it his all.