During the period of the corona virus induced pandemic a lot of creativity had come to the fore in abundance. Among them is singer Faizal Suleiman who spent his vacation at home in Goa during the period of the pandemic and has come back to Mumbai after composing two songs which he plans to unveil in Mumbai shortly. One song Main Tere sang has already been recorded while another is yet to be recorded shortly.

Faizal is planning to shoot his video in Nainital soon. The fast paced song Main Tere Sang has not only been penned by Faizal but also composed and crooned by him too.

It is pertinent to note that Faizal had also penned the lyrics for his verypopular music video Tere Shahar Mein which had been composed by Manu and crooned by Faizal himself.

Sharing an interesting anecdote a out how the song Main Tere Sang was created, Faizal exults. ” I conceived the mukhda of the song during the lockdown in Goa and started penning down Main Tera Sang Yahaan Wahaan and even while i was penning the lyrics the tune automatically flowed in my mind. I hope the listeners will love the romantic track.”

His second song Tera Bina Yaara Jiya Na Lage is a soulful romantic number which he plans to unveil in March this year.After these two songs,Faizal plans to sing for a Hindi film the details of which he says that he will divulge shortly.

Faizal says in conclusion as he signs off that he is very excited about these songs as he had penned them at a time when the entire universe was undergoing a harrowing phase of pandemic induced calamity while he was converting his profound thoughts into the format of songs.

-anil bedag-