Simplipaisa’s Lightning Round: Distributing 60 Crore in Less Than a Month

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Simplipaisa is redefining the startup funding landscape in India by distributing an astonishing 60 crore in less than 30 days from its launch. The figure speaks not just to the volume of capital but also to the speed and efficiency that Simplipaisa brings to the table.

The Vision Behind Simplipaisa

The primary objective of Simplipaisa is to democratize startup funding. By removing barriers like fees and complicated application processes, Simplipaisa aims to make funding accessible to all kinds of startups—whether they’re in tech, healthcare, education, or any other sector. The partnership with Startup India Incubators and leading investment communities has only strengthened this mission.

The 30-Day Journey: Key Numbers and Milestones

Total Funding: 60 Crore
Startups Funded: 300+
Industries Touched: 15+

Commenting on the collaboration, Prashant Pandey, Founder and CEO, Simplipaisa said, “We aim to help one million people move up the credit ladder by 2025. We are delighted to have partnered with Investors and believe that this partnership will help us to improve the financial outcomes for individuals who need easy access to responsible lending options. An 11x increase in debt resolutions within 5 months of our association with 18 Investors is extremely commendable. We look forward to leveraging technology solutions to make our processes more robust and further simplify the end-to-end collections journey for our customers.”

Operational Excellence: The Secret Sauce

Simplipaisa operates on a streamlined model. Startups can apply with a simple yet comprehensive application form that outlines their business plans and financial needs. Through sophisticated algorithms and human expertise, Simplipaisa matches each startup with potential investors from its extensive network.

What Sets Simplipaisa Apart?

Quick Turnaround

Simplipaisa understands that a quick influx of capital can catalyze a startup’s growth. The 60 crore distributed in less than 30 days proves how efficiently the platform works.

Zero Fees

The absence of any charges ensures that the startups get to use 100% of the funded amount for their business needs.

Expert Mentorship

In addition to funding, startups gain access to valuable mentorship from industry veterans, thanks to Simplipaisa’s strategic partnerships.


Simplipaisa is not just a funding platform; it’s a catalyst for change in the Indian startup ecosystem. By disbursing 60 crore in under a month, it has set a new benchmark for speed, efficiency, and impact. As Simplipaisa continues to break new ground, the Indian startup scene can only expect to grow stronger, more diverse, and increasingly innovative.

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