Photographer and designer Santosh Ramesh Gambhire


Santosh Ramesh Gambhire’s name has become synonymous with exceptional photography and graphic design in India. Gambhire is a well-known celebrity photographer and graphic designer from Kharghar in Navi Mumbai. On August 7, 1987, he was born. In 2003, he began his photographic journey by picking up an average camera and snapping photographs. Since then, he has made a name for himself in the world of automotive photography, beginning with high-end superbikes and vehicles.

Gambhire has always been interested in photography and regards it as a different art form. “Photography is a way of feeling, touching, and loving,” he describes. “What you’ve captured on film is preserved forever…it remembers even the smallest details long after you’ve forgotten everything.”

Gambhire enjoys riding motorcycles and superbikes in addition to his passion for photography. He used to embark on motorbike rides with his motorcycle club, visiting destinations like Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, and Ujjain. He worked with well-known Bollywood-related organizations and builders and developers, such as Haware Engineers & Builders Pvt. Ltd. and Baba Realtors & Developers, in addition to graphic design.

Gambhire chose to start his own photography business after many years of working in the corporate sector. Through his freelance photography business, he met Bollywood actor and India’s youth and fitness star Sahil Khan in 2009. They parted ways and began working together. Gambhire handled Khan’s photographic and graphic design needs, designing logos and items for significant brands such as HUNK Aqua, Divine Nutrition, and Realmix Energy SIX Pack Energy Drink.

They traveled often together to India for celebrations and grand launches of gyms, as well as worldwide business trips. Gambhire’s work with Khan cemented his status as a top-tier celebrity photographer and graphic designer.

Santosh Ramesh Gambhire is a well-known photographer and graphic designer in the Indian entertainment business today. His work demonstrates his commitment and passion, and he continues to capture the soul of his topics through his lens and designs.