“Return Of Ranveer” is now released on 19th Feb


Cinematographer turned director Ashok Jamuar’s directorial venture “Return Of Ranveer” is now released on 19th Feb. on phunflix, an OTT platform. The film entirely shot in Rajasthan is loosely inspired from Ranveer Sena, an outfit formed to fight against land grabbing system in Bihar. Here the story is about struggle to save environment and fight against jungle mafia and it stars Ashok Jamuar as main protagonist along with Rajeev Singh, Indranee Talukder, Shailendra Roy, Sohan Chaudhary and Janhvi Mahadik.

When the film was launched four years ago no one had imagined that it will release on OTT platform. The leading artists and Ashok Jamuar are thanking the arrival of new technology to make their film viable for the common audience.
Both Rajeev Singh and Indranee Talukder were new when they started participating in the shooting and with the passing of time now both are established names of Bollywood. Rajeev Singh has done many episodes of Crime Petrol, Savdhan India, Code Red and many films including a Swedish film which will release soon there. Now he is also busy with three web series.

Talking about “Return Of Ranveer” he says, “I am from Sasaram, Bihar and I know much about Ranveer Sena. Frankly speaking, I see no wrong in their ideology to pick up arms as your livelihood and land are being grabbed by someone else. This is my first film so I learnt a lot about acting while working in it. I used to do job when I had signed this film but later offers started pouring in and now I have left the job and have become full time actor. In fact this film is is showreel for me and am very happy that it’s released now”.

Indranee Talukder is playing the role of rich and proudy girl Niki in this film and seeing her in some other film Ashok Jamuar found her perfect for this role. She had gone to Rajasthan to participate in shooting and in the cold of December she had done the shooting there. She was disappointed that the film is not hitting the screen but now very happy that finally the film reached to the audience.

Well known theatre actor Shailendra Roy is playing the role of jungle mafia Keshav Das in the film and as this character is fictional so he had all the liberty to add colours in it but while doing so he also kept in mind not to go overboard.

Ashok Jamuar has heaved sign of relief as his this film is released and now he is all set to direct a horror film “Devil Night” and comedy web series “Namaste Bhabhiji”.

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