A Mother’s Gratitude: how scholarships transformed her children’s lives

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Vandana Tiwari with her two sons – Aryan & Prashant Tiwari

New Delhi (India), September 17: In the quiet corners of our lives, where dreams often collide with harsh realities, there exists a story of hope, perseverance, and unwavering maternal love. This is the story of Vandana Tiwari, a mother who has watched her children, Aryan and Prashant, blossom into promising young scholars, thanks to the unwavering support of Amitabh Shah founded Yuva Unstoppable’s scholarship programme.

Vandana Tiwari, a housewife from a humble background in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, harbours dreams for her two sons. She sees in them the potential to achieve greatness, but her dreams often bump against the unforgiving wall of financial hardship. Life is never easy, and the Tiwari family has had their fair share of struggles and hardships. In 2019, her husband, the family’s sole breadwinner, suffered a crippling accident, fracturing his hipbone. It was a time of unimaginable hardship for the Tiwari family, both emotionally and financially. Medical expenses soared, totalling approximately INR 1.5 lakhs. To meet these urgent costs, the family had to resort to high-interest loans, casting a long shadow of debt over their heads.

Today, despite being fully treated, he is still unable to return to his previous employment. He has taken up work as a repairman, earning a modest daily wage income of around INR 15,000 per month, a meagre amount for the monthly expenses of a family of 4 persons.

The financial strain on the family became an insurmountable hurdle for Aryan, the elder of Vandana’s two sons, who had always harboured aspirations of pursuing a career in science and engineering. Aryan began searching for scholarships. He knew that without financial assistance, his dreams would remain out of reach. That’s when he stumbled upon the Yuva Unstoppable Scholarship Programme, a lifeline for needy and meritorious students.

Intrigued and filled with hope, Aryan reached out to the program. The staff from Yuva Unstoppable conducted a thorough need assessment, understanding the family’s situation and the young boy’s dreams. After the due diligence was completed, Aryan was awarded a full scholarship. This scholarship paved the way for him to chase his dreams of becoming an engineer. To, Aryan is in his third year of Mechanical Engineering at a college in Ahmedabad. His journey from a small, humble home to a prestigious engineering college is a testament to the transformative power of scholarships and the strength of his determination.

In the words of Amitabh Shah, the founder of Yuva Unstoppable, “In every corner of our nation, there are young minds filled with potential, waiting for the right opportunity. Scholarships are not just about finances; they’re about unlocking these opportunities”.

Amitabh Shah, a visionary dedicated to creating change, emphasizes the importance of helping those in need, echoing the very spirit of Yuva Unstoppable. In a world where many children face financial barriers to education, scholarship programmes like Yuva Unstoppable provide hope, support, and a chance at a brighter future.

Not to be left behind is Aryan’s younger brother, Prashant, who also sought the same opportunities. With aspirations of engineering in the future, Prashant is currently in Class XII and receives coaching from the prestigious Akash Institute to prepare for his entrance exams. His dreams are taking flight, side by side with his elder brother. All thanks to the scholarship provided by Yuva Unstoppable.

For Vandana, Yuva Unstoppable’s scholarship program has been nothing short of a blessing. Her sons, Aryan and Prashant, have always been obedient, diligent children who not only excel in their studies but also actively contribute to the household chores. They are determined to make their mother proud and give their 100% to their education. As she very beautifully states, “The scholarship came as a blessing. It helps not only financially but also motivates my children to perform better. The opportunities provided are many, it has helped them broaden their horizon and build their confidence”.

As Vandana Tiwari aptly puts it, “Very few end up doing things for others, and this spirit is visible throughout the team of Yuva. Thank you to Yuva Unstoppable.”

Embark upon this journey with Amitabh Shah, who founded Yuva Unstoppable – where the path may be demanding, but the impact is immeasurable.

To learn more about Yuva Unstoppable, visit www.yuvaunstoppable.org