6 Shocking Facts about the Infamous Serial Killer and Conman, Charles Sobhraj- Dr Vivek Bindra


Charles Sobhraj: The Infamous Journey of a Serial Killer and Conman

Crime, a word that talks about bad things people do, is something we often hear about. It makes us feel worried and raises questions about how we can stay safe. But it is not like for serial killers or criminals.

One such famous serial killer was Charles Sobhraj, a man famous as a Bikini killer and a Conman. There are a total of 8 books, 4 biographies, 3 documentaries, one Bollywood film- Mei aur Charles, and a Netflix series- The Serpent, are based on his life. People were scared of him because he harmed others. During 60 years of Charles’ life, let’s talk about who he was and why he became famous as a brutal murderer and a serial killer.

Chapter 1: Rise of Monster

Born in 1944, he was intelligent, smart and clever but his life was not easy. His mother was from Vietnam and his father was from India. At a very early age, his father left his mother and remarried in India. However, he was raised by his mother and his stepfather who used to beat him since he was 3 years old. His early life difficulties and deprivation of fatherly love was the first step in making him the monster.


At the age of 6, he was so genius that he started robbing books from students’ bags because he didn’t have money. He was caught after a year when students complained about the robbery. Not only was he expelled from the school, but also robbed his teacher’s house which expelled him from school. This was the beginning of his criminal journey. He soon became involved in criminal activities and was arrested multiple times.

Chapter 2: Sadist Mentality

Sadists are the people who feel happy and powerful in another person’s pain. At the age of 10, we can witness that he developed a sadist mentality by committing his first murder at a tender age. He killed a 6-year-old girl because his father loves her a lot and he was deprived of it since childhood. He eventually went to a Juvenile home where the counsellor said, he did this for his fun and in jealousy. With this, he killed two children at a time, the child in inner self and the 6-year-old child. His enjoying the pleasure of killing people, made him the serial killer.

At the age of 16, he also impressed his step-father’s girlfriend and killed her brutally. This was his second murder. When asked about the reason for his murders, he blames his father and his abusive family. With this, he was sent to rehab and had counselling but his counsellor fell in love with him.

Chapter 3: Bikini Killer

As he gets pleasure in murdering people, soon he becomes the bikini killer. He killed almost 25-30 people in the 1970s. These were the first ever crimes that happened worldwide. In 1973, he visited Bangkok with his friends, his main motto was to attract tourist people. As he was familiar with most of the languages, he charms 6 young women, rape them, killed them and then robbed their passports, jewellery, cash, etc. These women were found killed in swimsuits or bikinis. He was eventually caught and arrested in Thailand but he escaped the prism.

Chapter 4: Brutal Murderer

Charles not only killed people but he killed them brutally which no one even imagined. In 1975, he visited Nepal where he became friends with the Kannadian people and charmed the Kannadian lady who visited the city with his boyfriend. He convinced her to elope with him and when the boyfriend found out. He killed him by stabbing him, cutting his face and burning his fingers. Later on, he poisoned the girl and burned her. Charles was so genius that he never left proof behind.

Another instance of his brutal murder was in his Kanit house in Bangkok. He food poisoned the Dutch couple and then killed them by buring their fingers and faces. He doesn’t stop there, he puts food, beverages, and sweets all over their body so that insects and ants will eat up all their flesh.

Chapter 5: Serpent

Charles was one of the smartest criminals in the world, he had 25 fake passports at the age of 25. His clever nature and smooth communication wouldn’t let him stay in the prism. Just like a snake can run away from any hole, likewise, Charles could escape from any jail. In Tihar Jail 1976, he created a charm within the jail and a friendship with the top Don David. He decided to escape from the jail. To do so, he gave larpose laddu along with 50 rupees to all the staff and prisoners and escaped the jail with David.

He also escaped 1972, Kabul Jail, 1975 Greece Jail, 1976 Goa Jail, etc. In 2003, he was caught by the Nepal Police and spent his old age in Nepal Jail. Just like China did with Pakistan and with other countries. They found the opportunity of others and left them with nothing.

Chapter 6: Conman

Charles was the guru of marketing. He was so genius that he could sell anything to anyone. Likewise, he became a gem dealer in Hong Kong, influenced a couple earned around a crore from them and sent them fake gems. Charles had many faces such as he deals in antique items, leopards, tigers, deer, crocodile skin, expensive watches, etc.

In conclusion, Charles was famous for his ill activities and brutal murder but he was not successful in his career. He ultimately ends up in Jail. So, be famous for good deeds and business, likewise, UK, Germany, and Japan are superpowers because of Business. The same ethical step has been taken with the Billionaire Blueprint program wherein I am giving 7 benefits to change the entrepreneurship journey in India.