Taking giant strides across the music realm is a talented singer and composer, Alok Pandey Gopal.

City/ state multifarious

Entertaining millions across the globe with his mesmerizing voice and catchy songs is Alok Pandey Gopal.

Alok Pandey Gopal is setting an aura of folk music, Bhojpuri singing, semi-classical and what not! The multi-talent is popularly known as a singer and composer. Alok was inclined towards music craft from tender age and started gaining training of music from his mother – Smt Aarti Devi and father Shree Rameshwar Pandey. He learnt classical singing from his father and teacher, along with that he learns folk music. Gradually Alok learnt the intricacies of music, due to which his singing represents a strong voice, permanence on the tones and novelty in the voice are his special traits.

Alok’s songs and album are leading the chart of his efficient performance which includes – Raja Babu, Laai Ke Gavanwa Saiyan, Chand Jaisan Roopwa, Kaahe Humein Sataavelu, Kripa Karo He Maa, and many more songs and albums. All his songs are blockbuster hits and are also available on the music platform like – YouTube, Apple Music, Gaana, JioSaavn, Hungams and many more. His songs go viral within no time and crosses millions of views. Alok is now most familiar Bhojpuri singer for millions of audiences.

Alok has always explored his music art and melodious voice in different version, for which he took part in reality singing show “Maati Ke Laal” conducted by the Indian Government, Doordarshan, Kisan Channel, twenty-eight states and folk stars, in which Alok won the competition and become the star of folk music. This enhances his versatility as a singer, who has a talent to show competent performance in each music versions.

Alok is growing beautifully in his career with his consistent performance which has spellbound his fans and audiences in his music art. The young singer’s popularity is increasing hugely even on the social domain with massive fan-following. Alok’s musical journey is an example for all the up-coming artist, “master your art with your passion and love for music and you will always rock.” Alok has a charismatic personality with a voice that entertain the listeners utmost.