Siddhu SP on the rise: Mission Aiming Towards the Moon.


Siddharth M, populary referred to as Siddhu SP from Chandrapur Maharashtra an wildlife photographer and songwriter in amateur style who’s additionally a element time gamer especially excelling as a call of duty: cellular (CODM) player, has carved it’s name among many hearts via his diverse senses of feelings projected within the songs.

Siddhu said Hi! To the world on 2nd Feb 2003, which makes him 21 years of age as of now. He had completed his schooling from Bhonsala Military School, Nagpur and currently is a student of Amravati pursuing Agriculture Biotechnology. Siddhu, is an youtuber with a follower list of 2.86k subscribers with 50k+ views. Songs like Koi Ni Aye and Dil Toota Kyun with over 3k+ and 1.5k+ streams.

As we all know skills and capabilities comes most when we breakthrough from our comfort zones or any failure, further little did Siddhu knows that this hidden expertise of his will knock at the door via love failure which inspired him to write his first piece dedicated to the women who’s not with him now. He also added “ I started to write for an girl who’s not with me now but her memories will “

On checking in depth Siddharth’s youtube description he mentioned ‘’ Join me on a journey of creativity and self expression as I bring my unique perspective to the world of music and art. As as aspiring lyricist and artist hailing from Chandrapur, I strive to captivate audiences with my thought-provoking lyrics and visulally stunning creations” ‘’Get ready to be inspired and entertained by original content that showcases my talent and passion. Don’t miss out, watch now and witness the rise of Siddhu SP’’- he also added.

If we take a look on Siddhu’s social life we can see the boasting follower over 14.5k for his photography page and 9.6k on personal handle, which helps to draw a rough idea of a rising star on the go. He also have a fam on spotify monthly listeners which is exclusive for his songs.

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By- Subhangee Mandal