Rapper Singer Rico, states how quick and instant the plan was to make Bachpan Ka Pyaar with Badshah


The famous singer Rico rose to fame after he gave his voice in the chartbuster song of the year ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’ which is also sung by Badshah, Aastha Gill, and Sahdev Dirdo. Music is given by Hiten, Badshah, Aastha Gill, and Singer Rico. The song has been trending on social media since its inception and the video stands at 94 million views on YouTube and still counting. The song is all over the internet and making headlines as well.

Rico talking about the day when Badshah and himself planned to make the song on the viral song, he mentioned, “We had a show in Delhi. Before going to the show Badshah told me, “Let’s make a reel on this song”. We were sitting in the green room and we made the reel. We went to the show, came back, and by that time the reel was getting pretty viral. We were getting a lot of messages because I was also tagged in it. We went viral in 2 days and since this reel was getting many views, I suggested to Badshah “Let’s make a video on it,” and Badshah said, “Yes, why not.” So, there was no certain idea, it was just like by chance we posted the video and it got viral.


On the work front, Singer Rico has delivered many previous hit tracks like ‘Tere Bina’ featuring Surleen Kaur and ‘Baarishan’ which showcase his versatility in every genre. His debut song ‘Bingo 2’ was also a big hit on Youtube. The singer is well versed in English, Hindi, and Spanish and wishes to explore these languages and launch soulful songs in speech as well. After the release of ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar,’ the singer has many projects lined up for himself.

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