Poudyal Education and Research Foundation was formed under the Leadership of Mr. Hemant Poudyal in the year 2021 and got incorporated with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Niti Aayog, Govt of India in the Year 2023. We stand at the forefront of education, empowerment, and employment, serving as trusted educational and career counselors dedicated to shaping the academic destinies of aspiring learners and providing ample opportunities for skill and professional education We have been established with a vision to guide, inspire, and empower individuals on their educational journey, Our foundation is committed to unlocking the doors of opportunity and fostering a culture of knowledge.

Spark Career Advisors (SCA)”  is a Division of “Poudyal Education and Research Foundation” where our expert team of counselors  help candidates to identify their career goals as per their academic caliber and help them to make a wise  decision. We hold two phase counseling sessions and interviews to personally guide the aspirants along with their guardian. We try to impart comprehensive information regarding the programmes and procedures.

Mr.Hemant Poudyal  has dedicated over a decade to advancing Professional and Skill Education, empowering youth for a brighter future. His commitment extends to career guidance & career counseling helps aiding students with education loans and scholarships for higher studies worldwide.

Mr.Hemant Poudyal is a successful Educationist who is the Present Chairman and Founder  of  Poudyal Education and Research Foundation , Spark Career Advisors,and  also works in  higher positions at Colleges in Bangalore and Abroad. Mr. Hemant continues to shape the educational landscape worldwide providing ample opportunities to aspirants to pursue Skill and professional courses globally.

Born to Mr. Loknath Poudyal and Savitri Sharma from  Pakyong District of Sikkim

Mr. Poudyal has pursued his higher studies in Business Administration eventually becoming a successful entrepreneur from Sikkim at Global Platforms

After acknowledging his significant impact Human rights council has awarded  him with prestigious.

Dr Babasaheb Global Peace Awards held in 11th January  2024 at Mumbai,Maharashtra

Despite facing numerous hardships and rejections, his resilience led him to the right path, where he now serves as an inspiration to others, emphasizing self-reliance and contribution to societal development. Mr. Poudyal and his dedicated team is on the mission to create awareness in backward areas of India and create a platform for enhancing the skills and making them employable in the field of Nursing, Medical , Skill & Professional Education

More than 500 students from India are studying MBBS in  Russia,Uzbekistan,Georgia,


We also help professional to get jobs worldwide accordingly to demands we get

Company name: Poudyal Education and Research Foundation

Ph number: 8167228444,7063507307

Website link: www.sparkcareer.in