Nari Shakti Empowers Women through Women Supporting Women Platform an initiative of Little India Foundation – Lead by COO Harismar Dhingra

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Salim Khan, a prominent philanthropist based in New Delhi, has founded a new initiative called Nari Shakti with his friend supporting this Harsimar Dhingra as COO that aims to empower women and promote gender equality in India. The organization has created a unique platform called “Women Supporting Women” that encourages women to help each other and work towards common goals.

According to the World Economic Forum, India ranks 140th out of 156 countries on the Global Gender Gap Index, highlighting the need for more initiatives like Nari Shakti. The organization aims to address the root causes of gender inequality by providing women with resources and support to succeed.

Harimsar Dhingra, the COO of Nari Shakti and recipient of the Nari Shakti Award, explained that the Women Supporting Women platform is a safe space for women to connect, share their experiences, and find support from other women. “We believe that women can achieve great things when they work together and support each other,” said Harsimar.

The platform provides a range of resources and tools for women, including mentorship programs, career development workshops, financial planning , and networking opportunities. Nari Shakti also partners with other organizations and companies to create more opportunities for women and increase their representation in various fields.

Salim Khan, the founder of Nari Shakti, believes that empowering women is critical to the overall development of India. “Women are the backbone of our society, and we must ensure that they have equal access to education, employment, and opportunities,” said Khan. “Through Nari Shakti, we hope to create a more inclusive and equitable India.”

The organization has already made significant progress in empowering women and promoting gender equality in India. Since its founding, Nari Shakti has provided support to thousands of women across the country and plans to expand its reach to more communities in the coming years.

“We are committed to creating a world where women can thrive and achieve their full potential,” said Harsimar. “By supporting each other and working together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of women everywhere.”

Through Nari Shakti’s Women Supporting Women platform, Salim Khan and his team hope to inspire more women to join the movement towards gender equality in India and make a lasting impact on the lives of women and girls.

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Writer – Vimal Pandey