Meet Abhinav Ojha – The Youngest Academic Best selling Author of India


Abhinav Ojha is a computer Science Engineer, best-selling author and an Indian Entrepreneur. Abhinav launched his book ‘Beginners Guide to ethical hacking and cyber security ‘ in the year 2020 while he was in 3rd year of his engineering. However the book did not attract sales initially since it was self-published. Later after few months, the book started getting good traction from the readers and they liked it, the ratings were good enough and the book started selling well.

Abhinav Ojha repolished the book following the engineering college syllabus and in the year 2022, the book became a best seller on both Amazon and Flipkart with a 4.5-star rating. A reader called it an excellent and easy-to-understand book . The book ranked highly on both the marketplace and the sales skyrocketed . In the year 2023, the book was included in the curriculum of top engineering institutes of India in West Bengal, Karnataka ,Tamil Nadu, Chennai and Uttarakhand in top private and central engineering institutes and universities.Now the book will be republished with a new publisher so that the book can move to offline stores as well. The book has over 500 ratings and reviews as of now on Amazon and Flipkart.

Abhinav Ojha was always passionate about engineering and he bled technology. In no time at his young age, Abhinav Ojha has become one of the top and best ethical hacking and cyber security book authors in India and the world. Abhinav has been awarded several national and international awards of which some of which include, the Indian Achiever’s award for Young Entrepreneurs, the young achiever’s Award, the international achiever’s Award etc.

Abhinav Ojha has authored six books as of now including a novel . He says if you can believe it, you can do it.

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