MBBS in Georgia – The most preferred destination for Indian Students as per Eduwisor Survey

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In India, becoming a doctor has always been a respected and sought-after achievement. It comes with a sense of unmatched pride. Indians have always looked at doctors as professionals who dedicate their lives to ensuring healthy and happy lives.

However, manifesting one’s dream of becoming a doctor has never been easy in India. Every year, millions of aspirants try their luck, and most of them return disappointed. Limited seats, high fees, and tough competition act as major roadblocks in the way of aspiring Indian doctors.

Looking at the current education system and the medical sector’s state in the country, two young social entrepreneurs, have taken up the responsibility of providing skilled doctors to the country. Mubin Sayyed and Jyoti Krishna have set up Eduwisor, an education consultancy, to help aspiring Indian doctors complete their MBBS abroad, relieving them from the tedious admission process and low success rates.The agency allows students to pursue quality education abroad and return as skilled and competent doctors.

Eduwisor helps students study in ten countries worldwide. Out of all the courses supported by the agency, MBBS in Georgia is the most preferred alternative. Most aspiring Indian doctors prefer completing their MBBS in Georgia before practising back home. Eduwisor helps students apply to the best medical colleges and universities in Georgia to guide them on the path of becoming future doctors.
Let’s Briefly Understand Georgia
Georgia is a transcontinental country located at the intersection of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. With Tbilisi as its capital and the Lari as its currency, Georgia is home to 3.7 million people. While Georgian and Abkhaz are the country’s official languages, you can find people of all ethnicities in Georgia.

Moreover, Georgia is a safe country for its natives and visitors. It ranked 14th in terms of safety according to the 2022 International Crime Index. A major benefit for Indians moving to Georgia is that its climate is not too different from India’s. While Eastern Georgia experiences a dry and moderate climate, its western half experiences a tropical climate.

Why Should You Pursue MBBS In Georgia?
There are several reasons to complete your MBBS in Georgia, some of which are as follows:

• Students get hands-on experience and exposure beyond theoretical knowledge. Georgian universities provide fruitful internships that help students work in practical scenarios to nurture their skills.

• Georgian universities provide top-notch accommodation and infrastructural facilities to everyone.

• It is cheaper to pursue MBBS in Georgia as compared to Indian colleges.

• Studying in Georgia will not make students fight for limited seats as the country provides substantial opportunities to every deserving applicant.

• Georgia provides a 50% concession in transportation to international students.
• Georgia gives superlative internships to students willing to continue practising in the country after graduation.

• Georgia contains reputed universities that UNESCO and WHO recognize.

MBBS In Georgia: Eligibility And Duration
Aspiring doctors planning to pursue MBBS in Georgia should consider the following eligibility criteria before going ahead with the application process:

• The applicants should be at least 17 years old

• They should have completed their higher secondary degree (or its equivalent) from a recognized university or board

• They must have given NEET • Students in the General category must have a 50% higher-secondary aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (with English as a compulsory subject). Students in the ST/SC/OBC category should have a 40% aggregate for the same requirements.
It would take six years for students to pursue MBBS in Georgia, with a year of internship. After the 6th year, they can choose to continue with their practice in Georgia or return home to look after Indian patients.

How Can Eduwisor Help?

Eduwisor ensures that aspiring Indian doctors do not waste their prime waiting to get into Indian medical colleges by helping them pursue MBBS abroad. Instead of spending ₹80 lacs – ₹90 lacs in private Indian colleges, Eduwisor provides quality education starting from ₹20 lacs.

Moreover, Eduwisor has tie-ups with some of the most reputed and internationally recognized Georgian universities, with total NMC Gazette compliance. As NMC has announced that students graduating from Indian and international universities are equally eligible for the common entrance exam of NEXT, pursuing MBBS abroad has become a more lucrative option.

The Eduwisor team personally visits every university it is affiliated with to ensure that it meets global standards. Moreover, the education consultancy runs a YouTube channel to provide seamless assistance to all aspirants seeking help regarding admissions.

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