Kshitij Chauhan’s dream project/role is to act in movies like Whiplash or Sound of metal


There are many remakes and inspired movies made currently in bollywood. The intern is one with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Mrs. Deepika Padukone. Kshitij Chauhan who was last seen in the web series Chutzpah wants to essay a character similar to whiplash or sound of metal. He dearly wishes the movie be made in India with him. They are fantastic movies and have a cult status and we can’t fault Kshitij for some incredible choice of movies. He is an avid lover of music and Kshitij was a drummer in a band for long during his college days. Talk about translating your passion to profession. Let’s just hear it from the chutzpah actor himself.

Here is what Kshitij has to say, “There is a deaf drummer in sound of metal and it’s very interesting and then there is whiplash. They won numerous awards and rightly so. I want to show my drumming talent and it would take a powerful performance. I love music and I am a drummer. I think something which amalgamates my love for music will really get the best out of me and I envision myself playing something like that. Its a great time to be in the cinemaspace. We have some great projects being made here and I want to be in them. Cinema is just pure love for me. I hope that happens someday soon. And I believe it’s eventual. Stay safe and love to all.”K

shitij is a passionate guy and he gives his hundred percent. This boy speaks his mind and dares to dream big. Kuddos to you, Kshitij. We are rooting for you.

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