Johnny Roars brings romance to rap with his latest single, ‘Yaad Hai Tujhe


Mumbai: Singer- songwriter Johnny Roars explores romance in his latest rap single, ‘Yaad Hai Tujhe’. Released under his label Roar Films Inc., the poet turned lyricist penned this track using inspiration from a very personal experience of love, loss and a touch of frustration:

“The song is a rap that’s both romantic and angry. I wrote this for my ex. I was really upset and angry because of how we parted ways and she left me in limbo. As usual I put my feelings into lyrics. That’s when I met a music director and he thought it would be a great song,” says Johnny.

Shot in Dubai, ‘Yaad Hai Tujhe’ was directed by Jcee Dhanoa and the music was composed by Bobby Sharma. The track features Johnny Roars and Pakistani model Mahrukh Khan.

Explaining how his song is different from other rap songs out there, Johnny says, “There haven’t been a lot of romantic rap songs. Most of them are about women in pubs and clubs. This one’s a rap song, but it’s about love and the feelings around that. It’s about the frustration that a guy experiences, expressed through rap.

Speaking about the process of making the track during the Covid-19 times, the singer says it only took about a couple of months. “Dubai was the only country that was open for shoot, with all the lawful precautions and measures in place, of course.”

“We shot the video in February, and there weren’t many cases in Dubai at the time. The female lead, myself and a couple of other team members were tested and stayed away from each other for three days to ensure there weren’t any symptoms. The rest of the team wore masks and maintained distance during the shoot,” says Johnny.

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