Ihana Dhillon is safe now after an accident which left her with 7 fractures and days in the ICU


Ihana Dhillon met with an accident a week back and she has been currently nursed back to recovery. She had a major accident on the 17th of August. It left her with 7 fractures and multiple bruises. She was taken to the hospital where she was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit immediately. The staff and the doctors really took care of her and nursed her back. Her friends and family came to the hospital to check on her continuously. And guess what she even cut her birthday cake in the hospital. This girl is the definition of strength. She has not had the best of year in 2021 with her slip disc issues plaguing her initially and now this major accident. We are happy that she is recuperating well

And we got her to talk to us and she was in high spirits. Here is what ihana says, “A huge thank you to my fans. They made the birthday so special and their wishes for me while I was recuperating. The doctors and staff here at the Hospital Galaxy Mapusa treated me with so much care and compassion. I can’t thank them enough. I had a difficult time. Seven fractures and many bruises later, I am still smiling. It gives great perspective on life. I am home and beaming now. I can’t wait to get back to work which is still some time to go but I am rejuvenated with new energy to do more and entertain my audience. Love and light to all. Stay safe and get vaccinated.”

Thats a warrior we spoke to. We love the fact that she had so much of enthusiasm even after such serious injuries. We love you, ihana. Get well super soon.

-up18 News