From Parents to Toymakers: Bombay Toy Company Champions Child-Led Learning


Indian Couple Shweta and Viral Dharod, are on a mission to nurture a love of learning through play with their company, Bombay Toy Company. Founded in November 2020, the company offers a unique collection of handcrafted wooden toys inspired by Waldorf and Montessori educational philosophies.

The couple’s journey began with their own daughter’s education. Deeply inspired by the activity-based learning and holistic development principles, they sought a school environment that mirrored these values. Enrolling their daughter in a Waldorf School, they discovered a shared connection with the founders of Bombay Toy Company, whose three children also attended the same school.

Facing closure due to a change in plans, Bombay Toy Company presented a unique opportunity. Recognizing the company’s potential to promote child-led learning through open-ended, handcrafted toys, the couple decided to take the reins.

“We were already passionate about this field and wanted to contribute to promoting this world of education,” says Viral Dharod. “Bombay Toy Company perfectly aligned with our vision.”

The company’s toys are crafted by artisans across India, ensuring sustainability and supporting local communities. Made from eco-friendly materials, the toys encourage sensory play, pretend play, and outdoor exploration.

“There’s no right or wrong way to play with our toys,” explains Shweta Dharod. “The child takes the lead, fostering creativity & imagination.”

Bombay Toy Company’s dedication to sustainable, handcrafted toys reflects a growing movement towards mindful play experiences. With a focus on early childhood learning and holistic development, the company empowers children to discover the joy of learning through self-directed exploration.