From Ayurveda to Naturopathy: fresh perspective by Harshita Baisa of GangSutra

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New Delhi (India), June 29: Ayurveda and Naturopathy are two forms of alternative medicine that can help promote wellness and prevent disease. Ayurveda is a Vedic Indian system of medicine that balances the three doshas in the body to prosper in good health. Whereas, Naturopathy is a system of medicine that aligns the body’s ability to heal itself through natural means.

Situations change the direction of life. Such was the case of Harshita Rathore, founder of Gangsutra from Jodhpur. Harshita Baisa had been obese for over 6 years. Baisa decided to take control of her health and reverse many health issues. For many years, not realising how much weight she had gained, suddenly collapsing and not being able to climb up even a short flight of stairs made Harshita Baisa realise something was drastically wrong, which needed to be taken care of.

From being a school teacher to becoming a vice principal of a renowned school in Jodhpur to working with a designer Mr Rajeev Sethi on projects like Hyatt Hotel Chennai and Mumbai International Airport Terminal 2 to starting her own brand called GangSutra, she has taken various experiences. After Harshita Baisa’s academic pursuits in teaching, she started working with Mr Rajeev Sethi, where she got the privilege to engage with many craftsmen and artisans getting to learn about the hardships and the exploitation these artists were facing. So, Harshita Rathore decided to do something where she could help these underprivileged artisans and craftsmen. Harshita Baisa was devastated by the stories these artisans were sharing, which shook Harshita up from within. This sowed a seed in Harshita’s head to create a platform for these lesser privileged artisans where they could reach out to an international market for their skills and craftsmanship, and she passionately started working towards creating this platform for these craftsmen. As we say, charity begins at home, so she decided to open a Fair-trade store for these craftsmen in her hometown. Harshita chose Jodhpur as the ideal place for this as it is a city which has now become a popular tourist destination, so why not showcase the craft in the city? Harshita Rathore moved to Jodhpur to start this venture and created a brand called GangSutra for the sustainability and livelihood of these lesser privileged artisans in 2018, where she was looking after over 300 craftsmen and their families. Harshita Baisa captured a large market and then came COVID, which took a complete U-turn to the entire economy, where GangSutra, too, faced a major setback.

At the beginning of 2016, she turned Vegan due to her immense love for animals and after seeing the extreme conditions of the animals and the torture which Harshita Rathore had witnessed in Jodhpur. Harshita was already going through major health issues when she decided to take control of her health and started following a “satvic lifestyle” and started treating herself through naturopathy. Harshita Rathore treated a lot of her health issues like inflammation, kidney stone, paralysis, obesity, weak muscles due to water retention, extreme health conditions due to 6 surgeries, and was also struggling with mental issues due to the extremely difficult and abusive marriage. With the switch from a regular to a naturopathic and satvic lifestyle, Harshita Baisa was able to reverse all her health issues. Harshita said growing up in an environment of satvic living where her grandfather and father, the Late Sher Singh Rathore, had practised naturopathy; it became easier for her to adopt this lifestyle. She also told us that till the age of ( 10 ) her grandfather taught her a lot of naturopathy treatments. After many years, Harshita Baisa could pick them up and heal herself through these remedies.  After following this path, she cured many of her illnesses and even started guiding people to help them treat their health issues.

During COVID, Harshita Rathore took complete charge of her health and turned raw vegan, which transformed her completely, and she would treat herself completely. Since 2022, Harshita has been guiding and advising many people to reverse their health. Harshita also recalls that since the age of seven years, Baisa has been treating people by giving natural treatments from the kitchen, and many people have benefited from those treatments. It is an incredible effort by the lady to bring personal experiences to benefit people such that their health gets reversed for the positive. She has started online sessions with a limited number of people, guiding them slowly and gradually. Ayurveda and naturopathy are Indian sciences that are needed to be brought to application in people’s lives. Personalities like Harshita Rathore need to be motivated for this rare cause and improvise so many lives.