Ed Innova – The leading Content writing and PR Agency by Dr Susmita Gupta Venturing into Awards Events management in Noida

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Ed Innova is a Content writing, PR, and Book Publishing Agency that is now venturing into Awards Events management under its own brand name in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Renowned World Record Holder Writer and Author Dr Susmita Gupta established Ed Innova in the year 2021 as a content writing Agency.

Within 1.5 years since its inception, Ed Innova has reached new heights with different verticals across 4 different segments. Dr Susmita Gupta is also the owner of a digital News Platform Hindustan Pioneer, one of the most spoken digital news platforms that add value and motivation to the stories of all the personalities including authors, entrepreneurs, pioneers, singers, and so on from all around the world.

Dr Susmita Gupta always had a vision of achieving huge in life and creating a difference in the life of the people by generating employment opportunities, especially for educated Youths. With tremendous knowledge about business management Susmita is a self-made serial entrepreneur who not just provides the best for her team but also to her clients by outstanding every work she indulges in.
In the words of Susmita Gupta “Success and failure are a part of our lives and I have experienced and handled both. I still remember the phase when my first start-up got failed terribly which used to be my dream business. But it eventually made me mature, and wiser, and my decision-making ability had grown stronger and that was the turning point of my life. No matter what, I feel every failure teaches us a life lesson, makes you even the strongest and I accept every adversity and achievement wholeheartedly”

Ed Innova believes in honoring the achievements of individuals from every field with a recognition award so that it motivates them and inspires others too to do a great job in their own field. It will not just acknowledge the individual’s success but also recognize their ability, struggle, effort, and excellence above all.


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