Dr. Amit Parihast, the best accounting teacher in Delhi-NCR, has been awarded the Nation’s Icon Award 2022


Recipient of the Nation’s Icon Award 2022 for exemplary work and outstanding achievement in the field of accounting Dr. Amit Parihast is one of the most well-known accountancy teachers in Delhi NCR. With his unique approach, he has redefined teaching techniques and formulae.

He has over 20 years of teaching experience. He has taught students at both the high school and university levels, as well as CA aspirants. Dr. Parihast’s understanding and familiarity with the syllabus and question paper pattern are flawless.
Dr. Parihast believes that rather than focusing on grades, students should be taught. He strives to create a friendly environment with his students in order to make them feel at ease so that they can express their doubts and difficulties, which he can then alleviate.

Dr. Parihast’s ideologies and teaching methods are unparalleled in the accounting field. That is why students and parents refer to them as the Best Accounts Teachers in Delhi-NCR.
Dr. Amit Parihast has coached more than 200 successful CAs. Aside from that, he has coached 18 Gurgaon district toppers, three Delhi state CBSE toppers, and six ISC Gurgaon district toppers.

Your search for the Best Accountant in Delhi-NCR has come to an end. Dr. Amit Parihast is one of the best accounts teachers near you considering that he offers offline classes in Gurgaon as well as online classes in every state of India.
You can visit for more information – www.amitparihast.com