Director Akhil Parashar Convinced PCS Officer Rajneesh Bajpayee for Playing an Important Role in His Upcoming Movie “Kulli: The Power of Devil”

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In a remarkable turn of events for the upcoming supernatural thriller “Kulli: The Power of Devil,” renowned filmmaker Akhil Parashar has successfully convinced a distinguished PCS officer, Rajneesh Bajpayee, to take on a significant role in his much-anticipated cinematic venture.

Rajneesh Bajpayee, a dedicated PCS officer hailing from Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, has been drawn into the world of cinema by the persuasive vision of director Akhil Parashar. This unexpected development has added a unique dimension to the film’s ensemble cast and has piqued the curiosity of both cinephiles and admirers of Rajneesh Bajpayee’s work in the civil services.

Akhil Parashar, known for his ability to craft compelling narratives and deliver visually stunning films, recognized the potential in Rajneesh Bajpayee to bring authenticity and depth to the character in “Kulli: The Power of Devil.” The director’s conviction in Rajneesh Bajpayee’s talent is a testament to the officer’s versatility and dedication, transcending his career in public service to explore the realm of acting.

“Kulli: The Power of Devil” is poised to be a groundbreaking cinematic experience, transcending linguistic boundaries with its multilingual release in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and even Korean. The film’s creators are harnessing the global appeal of this supernatural thriller, and Rajneesh Bajpayee’s involvement further underscores its potential to captivate diverse audiences.

With music composed by Vardan Singh and lyrics penned by Azeem Shirazi, Sahil Sultanpuri, and Anjaan Sagri, the film promises a rich auditory and visual experience. Director of Photography, Naseem Ahmed, is set to provide breathtaking visuals that will complement the film’s intriguing storyline.

As the countdown begins for the teaser release on September 10, 2023, “Kulli: The Power of Devil” has already generated significant excitement within the entertainment industry and among movie enthusiasts. The addition of Rajneesh Bajpayee to the cast adds an extra layer of intrigue to this eagerly awaited cinematic spectacle.

As director Akhil Parashar continues to push the boundaries of storytelling, Rajneesh Bajpayee’s involvement in “Kulli: The Power of Devil” serves as a testament to the allure and power of cinema to bring individuals from diverse backgrounds together in pursuit of a shared artistic vision. This collaboration promises to be a milestone in both Rajneesh Bajpayee’s burgeoning acting career and the annals of Indian cinema.