Abhinit Puri – All you need to know about this accomplished filmmaker and an International figure


A well know film maker Abhinit Puri was in mumbai and we had great time with him. Abhinit Puri is an accomplished filmmaker with international recognition for his short movies. Being officially selected his movie Desh Videsh in the Dada Saheb Phalke festival is a significant achievement, and it’s great to hear that his latest release “Scam Online” is receiving positive feedback and winning hearts globally.

His involvement as a producer, director, actor, editor and writer showcases a diverse range of skills in the film industry. The fact that his movies are participating in various international film festivals is a testament to the quality and appeal of his work.

It’s also noteworthy that his production house, A B Stories is present on YouTube, providing another platform for audiences to access and enjoy his content.

Additionally, the availability of his movies on popular OTT platforms such as Watcho, Hungama, Xstreme Airtel, Tata Beinge etc and On Amazon (US/UK) The movie Scam Online is available by the name of Cheaters further expands the reach and accessibility of his work to a global audience.