Zainab Shaikh plays the lead in the series Indias most sansanikhez kisse Case File 03 hosted by Ronit Roy


Zainab is playing the lead in an episodic series number 3. The show is airing on Voot. You can watch it and it would be aired on colors Tv as well. The promos have already begun . The show is hosted by the very sought after Ronit Roy. Zainab is reprising the character of Subhi. Subhi will be Rishi” girlfriend in the show. The content world is moving rapidly towards the OTT and it is a very interesting move for Zainab.

We spoke to Zainab and here is what she has to say about the show, Its directed by one of my favourite director I worked with , Sabrina . I am playing Subhi who is an independent girl who is the young girlfriend of Rishi. She is very quiet but wicked at the same time . It’s out on VOOT and would premier on COLORS as well. I am happy that I can contribute for people’s at home by entertainment in my way. I request everyone to see the show. Amongst other things, let’s all stay indoors as much as possible and follow the SOPs totally. We have to defeat the virus and we will do it .

Staying positive and some entertainment where this thriller show will help you understand how you can feel blessed being around a safe family and we must focus on being good human beings first .

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