Urban Audio gains traction as a popular new-age audio accessory choice


Founded by Arjun Purohit, Urban Audio in 2017 during its early conceptualization realized that accessories in the smart era are no longer a need, but a want.

However, the existing gap between good audio accessories and high-budgeted products does not enable the audiences to have it all. It is then Arjun Purohit decided to launch the ‘massy but classy’ range of audio products in India through Urban Audio in 2018.

The brand believes in providing the best audio experience through its determined motto that affordably priced products do not mean we compromise on quality. He adds, “I do not disagree that good things come at a cost, but I believe that our reasonably ranged of products with similar audio quality products is a revolution.”

In addition to the price value, Urban Audio’s wide range of products, including headphones, neckbands, EarPods, speakers, smart watches, and chargers appeal the audiences for its stylish and contemporary outlook.

We have been gaining market traction with sales improving every quarter and year. Along with this, our dynamic marketing strategies aims to garner increased market and disrupt the industry with our constantly evolving and popular product range.