The Indian Paratha and the Syrian Kibbeh: An Emotional Rollercoaster

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New Delhi (India), January 11: Noorul Aadhila, a talented writer from Tamil Nadu, India, announces the release of her debut novel, The Indian Paratha & The Syrian Kibbeh: Love and Destiny Know No Boundaries. This intercultural love story, set against the mesmerising background of Paris, explores the profound powers of fate and love that know no territorial bounds.

Wasim, a migrant from Syria, had lost his family when he was a sixteen-year-old, as they set out on a journey from the devastated streets of his own country towards safety. He confronted the harsh realities of a refugee life before he could acquirethe Frech citizenship and settle down to a peaceful life. Riya, an aspirant UN interpreter with deep Indian ancestry, resides in the same charming city with her parents.

There is more to their fateful encounter in a Paris stadium where their eyes meet and souls connect. In a world of more than eight billion people, Wasim and Riya—from different continents—were bound to meet.

These two individuals from different backgrounds bond in an amazing story of love and destiny. As the intricate tale progresses, Riya proves that love and destiny have no bounds as she plays a crucial role in bringing Wasim’s lost family back together.

Based in Paris, Noorul Aadhila uses her unique upbringing and life experiences to create a story that is both imaginative and authentic. Even though she has had a prosperous profession teaching ESL and IELTS, her true love for storytelling came to light while she was on maternity break, resulting in the writing of the gripping book The Indian Paratha & The Syrian Kibbeh.

As you turn the pages of this book, you can expect a fascinating and intense story that illustrates themes of love, fate, and the human spirit beyond cultural and geographic borders.

Author Name: Noorul Aadhila