Vijay Rengarajan

Driving Innovation and Excellence: The Visionary Leadership of Vijay Rengarajan in Insurance Product Development

New Delhi (India), April 4: Vijay Rengarajan, Director of Product Management at Applied Systems, has been recognized under the category of Most Prominent Industry Expert of the Year – 2024, Texas in Insurance Product Development by Business Mint Nationwide Awards 2024. Dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction through the development of intuitive products that drive efficiency […]

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Migrating From Engineering to Product Management: One of the Most Popular Career Trends of 2023

New Delhi (India), October 26: In recent times, product management has emerged as one of the hottest career paths, especially for engineers who are looking for more strategic roles that involve critical decision-making and have the potential to create a bigger impact. However, the job description of a product manager varies vastly, not just across […]

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Product-Led Growth: Insights from Silicon Valley’s Top Product Expert, Asit Kumar Sahoo

New Delhi (India), March 30: Product-led growth (PLG) is quickly becoming a must-have strategy for SaaS brands looking to scale their products and drive more efficient acquisition, retention, and expansion. Asit Kumar Sahoo, a Silicon Valley-based product expert with over 10 years of experience in product, strategy, and entrepreneurship, recently shared some tips and a […]

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