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Budget Buzz: Leading Entrepreneurs Sound Off on India’s Fiscal Roadmap

New Delhi (India), February 17: The annual Union Budget unveils its plans for the Nation’s economy, and naturally, leading entrepreneurs have their keen observations to share. This curated list captures the diverse reactions of prominent business minds, offering valuable insights into how the budget might impact different sectors and the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem. Dharmesh Mehta […]

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Indian Budget 2024 Offers Insights for Crypto Investors: 5 Takeaways

The Indian budget for 2024 has not introduced specific new regulations or tax changes for the cryptocurrency sector directly in its announcements. However, there are significant expectations and discussions within the industry regarding potential changes that could impact the sector: Taxation and Regulation Clarity The industry is eagerly awaiting clearer regulations and a more favorable […]

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Jagadguru Dr. Rajeev Menon Praises Fiscal Policies and Vision in Government’s Budget 2023-24

In a significant development, Jagadguru Dr. Rajeev Menon, has thrown his weight behind the Budget 2023-24, praising the current government’s fiscal policies as a strategic roadmap for economic recovery and sustainable development. Key Facts and Figures: 1. Infrastructure Investment: The budget allocates a substantial portion, accounting for 25% of the total expenditure, towards infrastructure development. […]

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अंतरिम बजट में …‘नए भारत’ को दुनिया का ग्रोथ इंजन बनाने का ‘रोड मैप’: सीएम योगी

वित्तमंत्री निर्मला सीतारमण ने गुरुवार अंतरिम बजट 2024 पेश किया है। चुनावी साल को देखते हुए साल ने अंतरिम बजट में भी महिलाओं, मध्यम वर्ग और करदाताओं के लिए कई बड़े एलान किए हैं। मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ ने कहा कि, अंतरिम बजट में ‘विकसित भारत’ का विजन, अंत्योदय का संकल्प और ‘नए भारत’ को दुनिया […]

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Budget 2024 - Sankhadeep Dutta,Founder and CFO, Deep93 FOODTECH LLP,Founder at The Learning Curve - PNN Digital

Budget 2024 – Sankhadeep Dutta,Founder and CFO, Deep93 FOODTECH LLP,Founder at The Learning Curve

New Delhi (India), February 01: As the anticipation goes up for the upcoming interim budget 2024 in India, it’s worth looking at the most important demands and expectations from the budget. All the sectors, be it agriculture, infrastructure, finance, education, manufacturing are likely to be benefited from the forthcoming budget. Anticipation about what’s to expect from […]

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