Shernavaz helps animals and works for their welfare whenever they are in need


Shernavaz is a huge animal lover and she works for their welfare from time and again. We have seen Shernavaz reprise many memorable roles and she has been at the forefront whenever there is an animal in need. The pandemic has shown us that we need each other and examples like these really stand out.

Its been a difficult time for both humans and animals as our lives are extremely co-related. There have been a few who have truly stood up for society and animal welfare and shernavaz” name would be right up there.

We spoke to her about her work and plans and here is what shernavaz has to say, “I grew up in an environment with lots of animals around. Be it dogs, cats, or ducklings or any stray, they would find food, and never was any animal mistreated. We were in harmony. I would bring the stray to my home Those were my earliest lessons for caring for those vulnerable creatures. We have rules that anyone can be allowed to feed animals in need and anyone stopping them is punishable. Firstly it should not come to that but if at all it happens, we know our laws.Human beings can easily take care of themselves but not animals. We have to take the effort and I am trying to do my bit. I have adopted a pet and I request everyone to adopt and not just buy all the time. They will give you the same love or more. There are so many pets who need rescue. I hope this inspires others to take that up and build a society that is inclusive and sustainable.

We all share the environment and it is equally theirs as ours. We are all on the same team. Love and prayers to all. Let’s stay accountable and get vaccinated whenever we can.”

Those are some lovely thoughts from shernavaz. We hope our readers can emulate some of those and we would surely do our bit.

-up18 News