Shaurya Naman Foundation unveils the Shaurya Memorial in Satna M.P

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New Delhi (India), April 15: Another son of the land of Vindhya, Sukhram Singh, who was the leader in sending his sons to the service of Mother India, attained martyrdom last year while protecting the country. Martyr Sukhram Singh’s father Janardan Singh bravery memorial was built with the untiring efforts of the organization Shaurya Naman foundation, which was inaugurated by the organization and the martyr’s family in the presence of all the residents of the region.

In this day-long program, the statue of the immortal martyr Sukhram Singh was installed by the office bearers of the organization Shaurya Naman, at 5 pm Shaurya Naman along with the martyr family and the villagers took out a bravery march, in which the Tricolor and the immortal sacrifice Sukhram Singh. A rally was taken out from his house to the memorial with the picture, in this march slogans like Jai Hind- Jai Bharat Shaheed Sukhram Singh Ji Amar Rahe were raised.

After reaching the Shaurya March memorial, the statue was unveiled and religious ritual was performed, after that all the residents of the area, Team Shaurya Naman and guests lit the lamp and paid homage to Shaheed Sukhram Singh. With this, the organization started felicitation ceremony and music evening.

In the felicitation ceremony, where five martyr families were honored by the organization Shaurya Naman, a melodious presentation of patriotic songs was given by the well-known singer of Madhya Pradesh Mr. Shoaib Khan.

The people of the entire surrounding area appreciated the event and appreciated the works of Shaurya Naman. About 1500 to 2000 people participated in the programme.

The guests who attended the event, MP Ganesh Singh, Mayor Yogesh Tamrakar, District President BJP Yuva Morcha Saubhagya Keshari, Rishabh Singh, Shakardayal Tripathi praised the works of Shaurya Naman by lighting a lamp on the statue of martyr Sukhram Singh.  In this program which lasted till late night, the entire public paid homage by remembering the immortal martyr.

Martyr Sukhram Singh left behind two children and his younger brother Jagvendra Singh is also currently serving in the Indian Army. Parents Mrs. Balkumari and Mr. Janardan unveiling the statue of their son on the day of sacrifice Singh’s eyes were filled with tears, both sons Rishi Singh and Raj Singh also garlanded their father’s statue and celebrated his immortality, Sukhram Singh’s wife kept looking at her immortal husband with pride.

Brother Jagvendra Singh himself is also posted in Pathan Kot in the army in the service of the country. Jagvendra Singh is proud of his brother’s martyrdom but remembers him every moment. The affection that Shaheed Sukhram Singh used to get in the whole village, today the moist eyes of all of them proudly welcomed their son. The sky echoed with the slogans of Jai Hind, Sukhram Singh Amar Rahe in one voice, all the people praised this work of Shaurya Naman and said that we all will join this organization and serve the national heroes.

On this occasion, the president of the organization, Ramesh Chandra Sharma, said that two more soldiers from this village have sacrificed their lives in the service of the nation, for whom no memorial has been built. In this sequence, martyr Kailash Prasad Kushwaha ji sacrificed his life on September 10, 2005, while protecting Mother India and the other one Mayank Bhushan Tiwari, the immortal sacrificer, is also from this village, who sacrificed his life in the service of the country. Construction of Shaurya Memorial will also be started soon  Now the construction of his bravery memorial will also be started soon. Officers Rohit Chaturvedi, Ravi Shankar Tiwari, Ashish Pandey, Rajendra Goyal, Vineet Shukla, Nitesh Kushwaha, Harsh Tiwari and other members were present on this occasion.