Renowned Asian Singer Levin Kathar is Helping the Budding Artists through His Company Vins Record


Since the beginning of time, music has been the best way to convey our thoughts, feelings, and even circumstances. The art world speaks through music. But not every artist is given the opportunity to appeal to the general public. Therefore, Vins Record is collaborating with amazing musical talents in order to offer a platform and exposure to the Northeast Asia India-based Music Label!

Levin Kathar is an Asian Indian singer-songwriter, composer, director, and producer, known for superhit songs like Party Night, Thirhet Akanghon, Kamunthi, Dirty Mind, Love is Amazing, and many more. He founded Vin Records, a digital media platform for artists. He is the first person on an Octet Independent Voices. He went by the stage name MR VIN prior to 2016. He played back in 2013 on a number of notable stages, including those at the Karbi Youth Festival, Metropolis Guwahati, and Carnival Festival.

Services Provided by Vins Record

1. Music Distribution /Publishing to China, South Korea, and 80+ Western Music Streaming Platforms.

2. Licensing Music
3. Protect Music from Copyrighted
4. Indian Callertune Distribution
5. Youtube Content Id
6. Youtube video whitelisting and Manual Copyright Claim
7. Music Promotion on Spotify and social media
8. Artist/Label/Music Production Social Media Profile Creation
9. Music Video Distribution
10. Artist/Label Merchandise

Since its inception in 2020, VINS RECORD has signed an incredible number of performers. The artists that VINS RECORD represents appeal to both older fans and those of a younger generation. Working with the best musical talent is something the Northeast Asia, India-based Music Label takes great pride in. Vins Record is Headquartered in West Karbi Anglong, Dongkamukam.

Apart from this, it provides music distribution and publishing to China, South Korea and over 80+ Western music platforms. It’s creating a buzz on Indian music platforms as well with its creativity and a superb collection of artists and songs.

They provide license and protection from copyright to the songs as well. You can also find multiple of caller tune platforms associated with them and choose your favorite caller tune as well. Vin Records are helping the artists by providing them social media exposure on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube and also on musical platforms like Spotify.

Vin Records keep upgrading its firm to its best for clients, from arranging live performances onstage or providing a recording studio. All of their projects, be it short music production to whole film soundtracks, they use the best tools and sound engineering, as well as the most skilled professionals in the field. Not only this, they compose the best and most unique music for their commercial as well as artistic clients as well.

Vins Record has become a brand name in the music industry and plays an important role in artist development, fostering a body of work and individual growth while maintaining a focus on profitability and data-driven results. Many musicians fail out of the industry because they lack proper guidance in finding a niche, opportunities to make money or the right path for them and that is where Vins Record comes into the picture!

If you are an artist and not sure about going with a record label, consider working with Vins Record and soar higher!

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