Ratikant Kamila: From Small Town Roots to Rising Bollywood Star.


Ratikant Kamila is an Indian television actor who was born on 16 April 1991 in the small town of Baliapal, nestled in the Balesore district of Odisha, India. He was the youngest of six siblings born to Barendra Kamila and Kanchan Kamila, who worked tirelessly to provide for their family. From an early age, Ratikant showed a keen interest in the arts, particularly acting, but his parents urged him to focus on his studies instead.

Ratikant attended Savitri High School in Katisahi for his primary education, where he excelled academically. He went on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree at Subarana Rekha (S.R.) Mahavidyalaya in Baliapal, where he continued to explore his passion for acting through local theater productions. However, Ratikant’s dreams of becoming an actor were put on hold when he graduated from college and could not find a job in his hometown.

Determined to find work and make a name for himself, Ratikant decided to move to Bangalore, one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in India. It was in Bangalore that Ratikant’s life changed forever, as he stumbled upon a local theater group performing a play. He was instantly drawn to the stage and knew that acting was his calling.

In pursuit of honing his craft, Ratikant decided to apply for admission at the National Academy of Cinema and Television (NACT) in Bangalore. However, as fate would have it, the application process was more difficult than he had anticipated, and he was initially rejected. But Ratikant was not one to give up on his dreams. He kept working on his acting skills, attending local theater workshops, and taking on small roles in film and TV.

Finally, after several tries, Ratikant’s talent and hard work paid off, and he was accepted into NACT. The academy offered him the chance to train under some of the most renowned directors, producers, and actors in the Indian film industry. Ratikant embraced the opportunity with open arms, soaking up every bit of knowledge and experience he could get his hands on.
Despite all his success, Ratikant remains grounded and humble, never forgetting his roots or the struggles he faced in his early days. He attributes his success to his persistence and the unwavering support of his family and friends, who have been with him every step of the way.