Munna Dubey – A visionary music director, says it would be a dream to work with A R Rehman


Hailing from Niyazipur in Buxar District, Munna Dubey pursued his passion and has now become one of the most noted Music Directors in the film industry. The most accomplished music director is also a lyrics writer who is credited for over 53 Bhojpuri films and having attained a respectable top position. Now he just has one dream – that of working with Music maestro A R Rehman.

It is widely known that Bhojpuri literature and language is deeply entrenched in its rich tradition and culture, but it has been wrongly exploited in the recent times, probably by copying the western trends. Munna Dubey wants Bhojpuri music and lyrics to be restored to its past glory.

Here are excerpts of Munna Dubey’s interview with us where he speaks about his career and his vision.

Q: Could you please let us know about how you entered the film industry?

It was since my childhood days in Niyazipur, Buxar that I was always fascinated by the film industry and wanted to be a part of it. All along, while doing Engineering in Kharagpur, I began with writing lyrics and now I am into Music Direction.

Q: From where do you derive inspiration to compose such lovely music?

Honestly speaking, I get a lot of inspiration from the stalwarts of Bollywood singers. Particularly those of the bygone era like Mukeshji whose songs have had a great influence on me. Also, it is the encouragement and prodding from my parents that has sparked that talent in me. It is my close friends that have been a pillar of support which has made me write over 800 songs and 53 films where I have written, composed and given music direction.

Why is it so that you have worked mainly in Bhojpuri language?

No doubt, most of my work is in Bhojpuri music, I have rendered my songs and music in Hindi film industry, even in Gujarati, Nepali and to a certain extent in Bengali music industry too.

Whom would you want to work with in Bollywood industry?

I want to work with the great A R Rehman. He has unique thoughts that always inspire me. Though lately I have worked with Tujhse Hai Aashiqui, Assi Tripathi and Iltija, Altamash but I have also done several music albums in Hindi.

What is your message for Bhojpuri singers?

My primary message to our Bhojpuri singers would be to stay away from vulgarity. Please stick to the basics like good lyrics and lovable music that would appeal to the society as a whole. And this is what I particularly strive for in this direction.

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