Maharashtra governor confers best coffee table book of the year 2023 to ‘Strokes of Harmony’

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New Delhi (India), July 2: “Strokes of Harmony” has been honored with the Best Coffee Table Book of the Year award by Maharashtra Governor Ramesh Bais. This coffee table book showcases a collection of paintings and artwork by members of the Mangeshkar clan. The book predominantly features the work of singer Usha Mangeshkar, while also highlighting contributions from other members of the renowned musical family. The award was conferred by the vaghdhara foundation.

The book is a combined effort of legendary singer Usha Mangeshkar, Anuja Wagholikar, and Mayuresh pai. The books visual look and feel is a collective effort of Nutan Asgoankar and Nitin Chitnis. Dedicated to the songstress Lata Mangeshkar, who passed away on February 6 at the age of 92, “Strokes of Harmony” serves as a tribute to her legacy. The book includes a total of 129 paintings, created using a variety of techniques. The collection comprises 35 watercolors, 16 oil on canvas pieces, 28 pencil sketches, seven oil pastels, 13 record covers, 21 landscapes, and nine other paintings by various Mangeshkar family members.

Usha Mangeshkar expressed her pride in the project, saying, “This book is a heartfelt tribute to my sister Lata didi. Each painting reflects a piece of our shared history and the artistic expressions that run deep in our culture .” Known for her versatility and talent, Usha Mangeshkar is not only a celebrated singer but also an accomplished artist. Her dedication to the arts extends beyond her musical career, as evidenced by her substantial contributions to this book.

Usha Mangeshkar’s artistic journey is as remarkable as her musical one.  Usha’s paintings in “Strokes of Harmony” reveal her ability to capture emotions and stories through visual art, showcasing her multifaceted creativity.

Anuja Wagholikar, presenter  of the book, shared her enthusiasm: “Collaborating on ‘Strokes of Harmony’ has been a deeply enriching experience. It’s not just a collection of artwork; it’s a testament to the Mangeshkar family’s enduring legacy in both music and art.”

“Strokes of Harmony” has gained international recognition, reaching countries like Japan, China, and the United Kingdom. The book has received several accolades and is celebrated both in India and abroad, with art admirers considering it a treasure trove. The award presentation by Governor Ramesh Bais underscores the cultural significance and artistic achievement represented by this remarkable compilation.

Anuja Wagholikar further added, “The response from art enthusiasts around the world has been overwhelming. It is heartening to see our work appreciated on such a grand scale, reaffirming the universal language of art.”

The book, celebrated for its artistic merit and cultural significance, stands as a testament to the Mangeshkar family’s multifaceted talents and their continued influence in the realms of music and visual art. Usha Mangeshkar’s contributions to both fields highlight her extraordinary talent and the rich heritage of the Mangeshkar family.

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