Krish Betgeri, Multi-Talented & Little Genius


Art gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand our surroundings. It is an essential part of our well being as it allows us to have a deeper understanding of self & the environment.

Krish Betgeri is currently 8 years and packs a punch. He is talented & his philosophy revolves around learning on the fly & thinking out of the box. Krish Betgeri is a Bangalore boy & he started showing his creative side while he was 4 years old. He developed a liking for Mural art work early on and has also demonstrated his skills in art work & drawing. It was his family who first took notice the artistic side of Krish. He spends a good amount of time in honing the skills that he is passionate about. He believes in consistency & smart work. Krish has won several accolades and has very many achievements to his credit.

At the age of 5, Krish participated in a National Level Chitrakala Parishath organized event & was recognized with a consolation prize for his Mural Art work. Mural art work involves creating art using wood as a base material. Theme and design are envisioned & sketched. Ceramic clay is prepared and individual components are hand crafted & positioned atop the board. Later work involves painting with acrylic colour shades to create a 3D effect. Till date more than 100+ gift articles have been created and shared with her friends, teachers and relatives as a token of love & gratitude.

Krish has successfully completed Drawing Proficiency “Madhya Level” from Ravindra Bharathi Institute, scoring 84% and has won top places every year in various drawing competitions held in his school & external competitions.

Krish has a penache for numbers & is proficient when it comes to logic and analytical reasoning. When he was 4yrs, he completed Abacus Level 1 certification. He loves to crunch numbers and keeps exercising his brain muscle. He participated in Whitehat Junior Online coding and was ranked in Top20% of student to successfully complete Jr. Artificial coding curriculum trail. His personality was compared to an idealist as Oprah Winfrey, with incredible potential, to change the world around him.

Krish was featured as a Star performer in Youtube published by Crest Olympiad in 2021-22. He also won South Zonal rank 23 in Year 2022-23.

He has also appeared as a child model, featuring in a brand shoot for Akshayakalpa (Dairy product) in June 2023.

Krish cherishes learning new things. He loves to make clay based Ganesha Idol every year during Ganesh Chaturthi along with his grandfather. He loves modelling, playing chess, Piano, Rifle shooting & solving the rubic cube.

Krish is a wonderful example of how passion and hard work can help an individual achieve their dreams. He believes that no mountain is difficult to climb & being passionate is the key to success.