Keerti: Painting the Punjabi Industry with her airbrush

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Ever wondered why we are so attached to the Punjabi Industry? Well, when you actually think about it, you will definitely say, songs or singers, and the majority of you will answer ‘Glamour’. It is what the directors present with the help of art in form of songs, movies, etc, that you admire.

Well, how often do we meet the real artist that creates such magic for us? Keerti (26), a small-town girl, is one such make-up artist that is painting the Punjabi Industry with her airbrush. During her childhood, she admired the art of makeup, little did she know that she will be creating that art in the industry and people like us, will be getting inspired by her.

After her 12th, she did a small beautician course and started working in a small parlor for a salary that would only cover her basic needs. But she never let it cripple her art in any way and always did everything with utmost honesty and dedication.

2016 was the year that can be marked as a turning point in her career. A friend of hers was asked to hire a make-up artist for a song directed by Farmer Records. She resisted a bit as she wasn’t really confident in herself, but she created her magic for the screen. She debuted as a celebrity makeup artist in the song, ‘Rang Kala Return’ sung by ‘Pappi Gill’ and launched by Farmer Records. And then there was no looking back.

Keerti’s work started getting noticed and the word about the great makeup artist spread like fire in the industry. Since then, she never looked back. She started getting work from Farmer Records, Speed Records, and more. She also collaborated with Speed Records for the song, Gabru, sung by Amar Arshi and Miss Pooja.

Keerti is a beautiful and artistic example for us that if you have dedication and love for your work, you will be noticed and admired for your work. In her words, “It doesn’t matter, if you have support or not, if you know your art by heart, put all your love in it and leave the rest to GOD. Trust God and everything will fall into its place.”