Jignesh Ramavat – Inspiring journey of an Engineer to the founder of a leading Digital News platform and Newspaper


What made an Engineer establish a Digital News Platform and Newspaper?

In Conversation with Jignesh Ramavat, founder of Gujarat Herald Digital News and Rajkot Herald newspaper! In August 2022, Gujarat Herald was Awarded as one of the best Growing Publishers by Newsreach.

Staying updated with the national and international news is important. But more important is to be aware of what is happening in our surroundings and in our region. With the aim to provide local and regional news. Gujarat Herald Digital and Rajkot Herald news paper, the platforms that provide news in Gujarat. Not just the local but the national and the international news as well in the mother tongue, Gujarati.

Gujarat and Rajkot Digital News was awarded the best worker award for media reporting during the second wave of COVID.  Jignesh Ramavat is the man behind these ventures.

Our team interviewed Jignesh Ramavat who is an engineer turned writer and publisher. Our team interviewed and got a glimpse of this life and what he does and everything about this life. We present you the conversation with Jignesh Ramavat, the founder and publisher of Gujarat Herald and Rajkot Herald Both News Platforms.

Hello Jignesh, how are you doing?

Hello to you too, I’m great. Thank you. How are you?
I’m great too! Thanks, Jignesh before anything and before we start thank you for coming and for your time today. I’m excited and looking forward to the conversation.

Thank you for having me here. I’m looking forward to this session too.

To begin with, Jignesh, can you tell us about yourself, your role at the Gujarat and Rajkot Digital News?

To formally introduce myself, Hi I’m Jignesh Ramavat, I’m from Gujarat. I’m the founder of Gujarat Herald and Rajkot Herald News Papers + and my role there is that of publisher but that’s just a position. I write and at times edit as well.

How did you start your venture, you always wanted to be a publisher?

I was always passionate about writing, since childhood I was passionate about writing. I have a degree in B.Tech Mechanical, but the fire within me was always there and then this passion turned into the profession and this company was established.

How long have you been running this company and how does your company work?

It has been seven months since the establishment of the company. Our company Gujarat Herald and Rajkot Herald Digital News is an online digital news based in Rajkot, Gujarat. The company Gujarat Herald is an online newspaper and Rajkot Herald is an offline weekly newspaper published every Sunday. We have the  RNI Certificate for our newspaper.

Gujarat Herald Digital News and Rajkot Herald newspaper are constantly working to keep people updated with breaking news from Gujarat as well as up to date with national, international, entertainment, sports news.

I firmly believe that the media is the fourth pillar of democracy and we make sure and you people get authentic and reliable news to read. With this objective, we at Gujarat Herald digital .and Rajkot Herald Newspaper are constantly striving to convey the message of right and proper news with our digital newspaper.

Very Well, Jignesh! So, what is your motivation to work and did you face any challenges while starting your own venture and setting your foot into this new industry?

My motivation is very short and simple, no offence but I feel that today’s media, the big media houses or established firms don’t show the truth and the things that people should know. It is the duty of the media to serve people of the country. When this was not happening, I decided to launch the Digital News agency and get the right news to the people. Mobile is a powerful weapon hence the idea of Digital News.

And I did face challenges and hurdles before starting and event during my initial days people passed taunts and comments. You know, making sure that I don’t do. They tried their best to demotivate me, but I kept going. There were times when I wanted to give up and stop everything but I kept going and here I’m today.

One of the challenges that I faced in person was of biasness, my knowns used to call me out and say I will support a particular party or an ideology and stuff.

You talked about ideology, so what is your ideology, what do you believe in?

I believe in something that is very simple. My ideology is to serve the correct news to people and show them the truth. This is what I believe in.

Wow! Jignesh tell us about your team and what are the different departments at Digital News?

We are still growing my team includes me, editors Dharmesh Patel, Kuldeep Patel. We are a small team of passionate individuals and we work adhering to all the government policies.

Handful of you have done a highly commendable job Jignesh, not taking much of your time. My last question to you is what are your future plans?

We are planning to expands ourselves and reach each and every citizen of the country and showing them the reality.
Good Luck Jignesh! It was so good to have you with us today. Thank you for your time.

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