“Hemraj Artist: Illuminating Eternal Truths – A Famous Figure in the Indian of Art”


Interviewer: Welcome, Hemraj! Your recent solo exhibition at LTC Gallery in Bikaner House has garnered widespread acclaim, particularly for your latest series, Eternal Reminiscence. Could you elaborate on the inspiration behind this compelling body of work?

Hemraj Artist: Thank you for having me. Eternal Reminiscence stems from my profound belief in the enduring truths that transcend the transient nature of societal trends and cultural shifts. It’s an exploration of the timeless essence of our existence amidst the ever-changing landscape of ideas and concepts.

Interviewer: Your perspective is truly enlightening. Could you expand on why you gravitate towards these eternal truths rather than fleeting trends?

Hemraj Artist: I perceive trends as ephemeral, akin to passing shadows. Instead, I’m drawn to the immutable aspects of our being—the essence of humanity that remains steadfast amidst the flux of societal norms and beliefs.

Interviewer: Your analogy of being a conduit for divine inspiration is quite intriguing. How does this spiritual connection inform your artistic process?

Hemraj Artist: I see myself as a vessel through which profound truths are channeled. Much like a conduit connecting to deeper reservoirs, I tap into this spiritual energy to give expression to emotions and experiences that transcend the limitations of the individual self.

Interviewer: Your choice of medium, oil on canvas, coupled with your penchant for large-scale compositions, is captivating. What attracts you to this particular combination?

Hemraj Artist: Oil on canvas provides a rich and versatile palette that allows me to delve into the complexities of the human experience, especially when portraying the vast expanse of the sky. Working on a grand scale enables me to immerse viewers in the sheer magnificence of the subject matter.

Interviewer: Lastly, your use of thick oil paint to create texture and depth adds a tactile quality to your artworks. How does this technique enhance the overall impact of your paintings?

Hemraj Artist: Layering thick oil paint imbues my artworks with a tangible presence, inviting viewers to engage on a visceral level. This tactile experience enriches the emotional resonance of each piece, encouraging viewers to delve deeper into the intricate tapestry of the human condition.

Interviewer: Thank you, Hemraj, for sharing your profound insights and artistic journey with us. Your work truly stands as a testament to the enduring truths of the human experience.

Hemraj Artist: It’s been my pleasure. Thank you for providing a platform to discuss my art and philosophy.

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