GrooveNexus Records Strikes a Chord with Faizal Suleman’s Sensational ‘Tere Sang’ – Storming Social Media Trends!

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Tere Sang, Faizal Suleman’s debut song with GrooveNexus Records crosses 200K views in just a matter of 2 days. The song premiered on November 15, 2023 via GrooveNexus Records. The audience is showering love and appreciation on the song, embracing its captivating melody and meaningful lyrics.

Tere Sang has not only captivated audiences with its soulful melody but has also become a testament to the power of supporting independent artists & establishes Faizal Suleman as a rising star in the industry. The song is already trending on Instagram with over 1k reels and counting. As a record label committed to nurturing and promoting emerging talent, GrooveNexus takes immense pride in witnessing this significant milestone unfold rapidly.

In the midst of lockdown, a musical synergy emerged – a masterpiece that goes beyond the mundane, delving into the complexities of the human heart. Faizal Suleman and Saket Anand collaborated to create an indie rock gem, unravelling the narrative of a naive boy navigating the intricacies of contemporary relationships.

“Me and Saket Anand made this song during the lockdown. ‘Tere Sang’ is a song for innocent boys who love someone but always end up feeling cheated. It’s an emotional song, but this time we made it in a different way – a little faster,” shares Faizal Suleman, the song’s singer, lyricist, and driving force behind this evocative creation.

About the Song:

Tere Sang is dedicated to individuals who invest their emotions in love, only to face betrayal. This emotional tale takes a new, accelerated form, encapsulating the essence of remorse and the delicate nature of the heart.

The song’s lyrics echo the experiences of those who love profoundly, yet discover their emotions unappreciated, underscoring the vulnerability of the heart.

“Tu Hi hai Har Jagah… Tu hi har jagah, Teri hasi……. Tera Jahan, Le jaye mujhe jane kahan,” these lyrics encapsulate the core of love and yearning, along with the anguish of losing a beloved.

The potent verses stir bittersweet emotions associated with the conclusion of a cherished connection.

They reveal the emotional richness of “Tere Sang,” striking a chord with those who have encountered the challenges of love.

The song’s credits reflect a talented team of artists and professionals who have made this song a reality:

Song name – Tere Sang
Singer – Faizal Suleman
Genre – Indie rock
Featuring Singer – Kalrav Sarojwal
Lyricist – Faizal Suleman
Composer – Saket Anand
Music director – Faizal and Kalrav
Music Producer – Tarun Sharma
Mix and Master – Tarun Sharma
Primary artist – Faizal Suleman

About Faizal Suleman:

Faizal Suleman, once an engineer who transitioned into the realm of music, serves as the vocalist, lyricist, and music director for the poignant track “Tere Sang.” Apart from his musical pursuits, he thrives as a director within a real estate enterprise and manages his personal production company, Faizal Suleman Entertainments.

Faizal Suleman’s journey has just begun, and the GrooveNexus is excited to be a part of his promising musical career.

About Kalrav Sarojwal:

Kalrav Sarojwal, in partnership with Faizal, serves as the music director for ‘Tere Sang.’ Through his exceptional musical composition, he has infused the song with profound depth and emotion, connecting with audiences on a global scale. This marks the third musical endeavor for Kalrav and Faizal. “Tere Sang” is Kalrav’s second collaborative piece with GrooveNexus, following the success of their initial work, “Roke Muskuraye.”


The success of Tere Sang underscores

the effectiveness of our collective efforts to provide a platform for artists like Faizal Suleman to thrive and reach a global audience.

GrooveNexus Records has crossed 5M on YouTube and continues to remain dedicated to championing independent artists and looks forward to fostering many more success stories in the future.

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