From Deputy Commissioner to Mentor Extraordinaire: The Inspiring Journey of Sachin Jain


In a remarkable departure from the norm, Mr. Sachin Jain, a former IRS officer and Deputy Commissioner, relinquished one of the most prestigious positions in the country to embark on a mission of nurturing future civil servants. This audacious move was fueled by a deeper calling to make a lasting impact on society. The Jain family, known for their exceptional achievement in cracking the UPSC CSE, boasts an astonishing collective record of four times selection in UPSC.

A Legacy of Excellence

Sachin Jain, along with his brother Ankit Jain, shattered the norms by conquering the notoriously challenging UPSC CSE not once, but twice each. Their ranks of 712, 286, 222, and 354 serve as a testament to their unwavering determination and exceptional aptitude. This family’s extraordinary achievement underscores the tenacity and brilliance required to navigate the rigorous civil services examination.

A Leap of Faith

Having earned the esteemed position of Deputy Commissioner, a role synonymous with respect, influence, and prestige, Sachin Jain took a bold step in response to his inner calling. He founded ENSURE IAS in the bustling heart of Karol Bagh, Delhi, with a singular mission: to empower UPSC aspirants with targeted guidance and mentorship. His guiding methodology, built on practical experience and expertise, imparts not only exam-cracking skills but also the attributes of a true civil servant.

A Legacy of Impact

Over the past few years, Sachin Jain’s leap of faith has transformed the lives of more than 2000 students. His name has become synonymous with excellence and reliability in the realm of civil services preparation. Virtually every serious aspirant knows the name of Sachin Jain, IRS, and ENSURE IAS in the pursuit of their dreams.

Accelerated Success Stories

Under Sachin Jain’s guidance, aspirants who once grappled with the civil services examination for years have achieved remarkable success in their very first attempts. Notable examples of his students include Simran Bhardwaj from Kamala Nehru College, who secured IPS in first attempt, Sulochana Meena from Miranda House College, who earned the prestigious rank of IAS in first attempt, Mayur Hazarika from Assam, who joined the IFS in first attempt, and Rajesh Meena from IIT Jodhpur, who attained IPS in first attempt.

A Multifaceted Journey

Sachin Jain’s trajectory from being an aspirant to a topper, then Deputy Commissioner, and ultimately the founder of ENSURE IAS, is a testament to his extraordinary range of experiences. Few individuals possess such a diverse and comprehensive understanding of the civil services landscape.

A Unique Opportunity

The student community is now privileged to receive direct guidance from a seasoned topper. Just as engineering students learn from those with an engineering background, and medical students from experts with medical knowledge, civil services aspirants now have the privilege of learning from a multiple-time civil services topper.

Sachin Jain’s journey is a beacon of inspiration for those aspiring to make a mark in the civil services. His decision to leave a high-ranking position in pursuit of a greater calling has led to the transformation of countless lives. Through ENSURE IAS, Sachin Jain continues to shape the destiny of future civil servants, ensuring that the formidable journey of civil services becomes an attainable goal for all.