Dr. Manoj Sharma’s “Mastering Success”: A Literary Expedition into Human Values and Ethics


Lucknow, UP — Dr. Manoj Sharma, an esteemed author and authority on Human Values & Ethics, unveils his latest literary gem, “Mastering Success: Harnessing the Power of Human Values and Professional Ethics for Unstoppable Achievement.”

This book, a testament to his profound understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility, has garnered acclaim, recently earning him the prestigious title of Best Author of the Year at the Indian FABO Awards 2023.

In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Sharma leads readers on an introspective journey into the realm of Human Values & Ethics. Through a narrative that is both engaging and enlightening, he challenges the norms, offering a fresh perspective that redefines success through the lens of values. Dr. Sharma’s unique approach disrupts conventional thinking, encouraging readers to explore the deeper facets of success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Renowned for his insightful perspectives, Dr. Sharma brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this literary masterpiece. His expertise in Corporate Social Responsibility adds depth to the exploration of human values, making this book a must-read for professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking a holistic approach to achievement.

“Mastering Success” is not just a book; it’s a transformative journey—one that promises to empower individuals, enlighten minds, and inspire action towards a more ethical and fulfilling existence.

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“Mastering Success: Harnessing the Power of Human Values and Professional Ethics for Unstoppable Achievement” is available for purchase on Google Books and Google Play Store.

Discover the keys to unstoppable achievement through human values and professional ethics with Dr. Manoj Sharma’s transformative book, “Mastering Success.”

About Dr. Manoj Sharma: Dr. Manoj Sharma is an accomplished author and thought leader, renowned for his insightful perspectives on Human Values & Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. His literary works redefine success and provide a roadmap for a more ethical and fulfilling life.

Book Synopsis: “Mastering Success” is a thought-provoking exploration of Human Values & Ethics, challenging conventional thinking and offering a fresh perspective on achievement and fulfillment.