Dhriti Chatterjee – Pioneering Virtual Realities with DC Vision VR


New Delhi (India), June 13: Dhriti Chatterjee, the visionary founder of DC Vision VR, is a certified VR professional from a prestigious London university, bringing over 23 years of invaluable industry experience to the forefront of virtual and augmented reality innovation. Her journey in the tech world is marked by over 15+ years as a successful entrepreneur, during which she has worked with more than 150 satisfied clients and shared her expertise with over 2,500 students and professionals.

Under Dhriti’s leadership, DC Vision VR has become a powerhouse in harnessing the transformative power of virtual and augmented reality to drive digital transformation across diverse industries. Her mission is clear: to push the boundaries of what’s possible with immersive technologies, delivering industry-centric solutions that meet the unique needs of manufacturers, interior designers, architects, real estate developers, and more.

DC Vision VR offers a range of specialized design visualisation services, including 3D Interior Design, 3D Exterior Elevation, and 3D VR Walkthroughs and VR interactive design solutions. These services enable clients to visualize and bring their designs to life, optimizing processes and enhancing their offerings. Recently, the company has expanded its services to include digital twinning, allowing clients to create virtual replicas of physical assets. This innovative approach enhances the ability to visualize, analyze, and optimize projects, providing unparalleled value.

At the core of DC Vision VR is a commitment to continuous research and development. Dhriti leads an experienced team of AR/VR developers who are dedicated to exploring new frontiers in immersive technologies. This dedication to innovation is reflected in the company’s diverse program offerings:

1. VR Simulation Design with Unreal Engine

Our VR Simulation Design service using Unreal Engine offers expert solutions for creating immersive virtual reality environments. We design detailed and interactive 3D simulations with one of the industry’s most powerful game engines, ideal for businesses seeking to enhance their training, product development, or customer engagement.

2. VR Walkthrough Design

Our VR Walkthrough Design service provides professional solutions for creating realistic and engaging virtual walkthroughs. Whether for real estate, architecture, or any other industry, we design virtual tours that offer users a true-to-life exploration experience, enhancing their engagement and understanding.

3.  360 VR Content Creation

Our 360 VR Content Creation service specializes in producing captivating 360-degree videos and images. We handle everything from capturing footage to post-production, ensuring that you receive immersive content that provides viewers with a fully enveloping visual experience.

4.  Digital Twin Solutions

Our Digital Twin Solutions service offers cutting-edge technology for creating accurate digital replicas of physical assets. These digital twins enable real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimization, providing businesses with valuable insights and enhancing operational efficiency. Whether for manufacturing, real estate, or other industries, our digital twin solutions drive innovation and performance.

Dhriti Chatterjee’s unwavering commitment to innovation, collaboration, and delivering exceptional value is at the heart of DC Vision VR. Her vision and leadership continue to inspire her team and clients alike, driving the company forward on a transformative journey to redefine the boundaries of immersive technology. Join Dhriti and DC Vision VR as they lead the charge in shaping the future of digital transformation through virtual and augmented reality.

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