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 “Be Your Own Stress Buster” is a transformative guide penned by Vishal Bhanti, offering readers unique self-challenges frameworks to manage stress effectively.

New Delhi (India), April 15: Vishal is a B.Tech in mechanical engineering from B.I.E.T Jhansi and also pursued an executive certification in Leadership and Change management from IIM Lucknow. He is an Information security specialist by trade and having wealth of professional knowledge in the area of cyber security, ITGC and Access Controls.

Having garnered extensive experience in corporate industries, Vishal Bhanti has gleaned valuable insights into managing work pressure, which he skillfully imparts in his book.

“Be Your Own Stress Buster” emerges as essential reading for all working professionals, students or any individual who endeavoring to restore peace and equilibrium to their lives.

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1. How does your personal journey and mindset, as reflected in “Be Your Own Stress Buster,” contribute to your authority and credibility in guiding readers towards effective stress management techniques?

Ans- My authority on stress management stems from my deep-rooted understanding of the subject, shaped by both personal experience and professional expertise. Through my own journey in corporate industries, I’ve encountered and successfully navigated high-pressure environments, allowing me to empathize with readers facing similar challenges. My firsthand experiences inform my approach, ensuring that the strategies I offer in “Be Your Own Stress Buster” are practical and effective. Furthermore, my mindset, characterized by compassion and a commitment to personal growth, establishes this book as a trusted guide in helping readers cultivate resilience and reclaim balance in their lives.

2. How does your holistic approach to stress management, as evidenced in “Be Your Own Stress Buster,” reflect your personal philosophy and values, and how does this contribute to the depth and effectiveness of your guidance for readers seeking to alleviate stress and find inner peace?

Ans- I’ve had the chance to learn about many wonderful facets of spirituality since I was a young child. I understand that choosing a religion is a personal decision, but spirituality is much more universal and can be inferred from the morals and values we uphold in our daily lives. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to read some of the beautiful writings of Pt. Sri Ram Sharma Acharya, who has penned thousands of spiritual books on various facets of life. His profound spiritual insights are written so that anyone can apply them according to their own life circumstances. As a result, I learned that although my philosophy is effective for me, it might not have the same impact on other people. Everybody is unique, with their own morals and values. As a result, I tried to write in a way that would enable anyone to evaluate their own personality and character, come to conclusions about their philosophy, and create their own set of guidelines and obstacles to help them live a life that is more stress-resistant and my objective was to give the readers practical tools to support them in managing stress on a daily basis.

3. What inspired you to write “Be Your Own Stress Buster,”?

Ans- After Covid, all of us stepped into a pressure-filled, stressful new world. Covid’s duration had a negative influence on our lives and will always be remembered in history. I deeply experienced that dark period as well, and found it challenging to reinvent myself and manage both my personal and professional lives. But as human, we all have a positive spark that keeps us the most valuable species on Earth. I made some rules and challenges framework for myself and by adhering to the same, I was able to rejuvenate my life and return with more energy. Throughout this journey of challenges, I have noticed that I am becoming more positive, have increased my ability to handle pressure. Therefore, this journey inspired me to write the book. I hope this would be helpful for others to reclaim their best lives.

4. Can you elaborate on the specific experiences or moments that motivated you to write “Be Your Own Stress Buster”? 

Ans– As I mentioned in response to your previous question, I was badly affected by the difficult time during COVID-19. My whole family was under COVID during the second wave in 2021. We all did our best to recover, as usual, but we were powerless to stop the situation, and suddenly one bad night I lost my father. This, in my opinion, is the most unsettling and depressing time in anyone’s life. My father was a wonderful man who always put others’ needs ahead of his own and upheld moral standards. But because of the lockdown conditions, nobody could come to our aid in these final moments. I don’t know who gave me the strength to handle such the worst situation of my life at that point. I’ve been dragged into the darkness by this experience, and I recall being completely insane and unable to think for nearly a month. But once, a quiet voice inside of me asked me to hold onto my hope because there are still reasons to have faith in humanity. I therefore started over and gave myself below challenges – (I refer to them as challenges because they genuinely affect the patterns in our lives, and altering these patterns can be extremely difficult.)

  • Start with one good habit and follow rigorously for 6 months.
  • Stop one bad habit
  • Invest in you and learn some new skills
  • Financial fasting
  • Digital fasting
  • Community excellence day once in a month

I was able to witness the life-changing effects of all the aforementioned challenges, which greatly assisted in my recovery. Moreover, I was able to handle my work pressure very well and was able to deliver the quality work. This gave me the idea to compile all of these frameworks into a useful manual or toolkit that could benefit others as well.

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