Author Snehil Sharma insists Prakriti Dharma as Universal


Author, digital media expert, theatre actor, and dancer Snehil Sharma spoke about Adi Shakti in detail. He spoke about who is Adi Shakti in his video blog in a very logical and easy manner. He said Vedanta explains Adi Shakti represents the dynamic essence of the entire creation. It includes many universes. He through his video blogs explained much about the scientific interpretation of Devi as absolute Energy that can neither be created nor be destroyed. He said Lord Shiva is a Static dimension or Tatva while Devi is a Dynamic dimension. He further explained that Vishnu is the tatva or dimension that stores everything that includes all the universal data, processes, and every sort of information. It is the memory carried by shakti tatva. When the data is used for cosmic creation, automatically that phenomenon is governed through Time or Shiva Tatva. It is time that decides for how long the information will be used for creation, preservation, or destruction.

Snehil Sharma is computer applications graduate but his love for reading Vedas and Upanishads from his Guru and his explanation in a scientific manner made him read and interpret Indian Scriptures in a logical manner. His videos are worth watching and you may or may not agree on many things because obviously, everyone has different sectarian beliefs. But he made his point valid and believable that following the rules of Nature is the only dharma of entire humanity. It is the biggest dharma of all. Dharma is a tool holding whom man evolved himself as human. That Dharma is following Prakriti. It is what Sanatan Dharma holds from ancient times. Even every further religion especially Eastern religions speak about this particular Dharma.

After researching for almost 9 years on Indian Scriptures like Vedas, Puranas, and Upanishads, he found its practical similarity with science. In his Books and Videos, he conceptualized his opinion. Just Checkout his videos on Humari Baat Channel on YouTube.